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Boyceville Village Board discusses possible bus route to Menomonie

BOYCEVILLE — The Village board entertained a representative of the Dunn County Transit Commission at its regular monthly meeting, Monday, December 14th. Ken Conklin informed the board that the Commission had received a petition signed by 16 village residents asking to establish bus transportation from Boyceville to Menomonie, for doctor appointments and shopping.

Conklin questioned the village board about just what type of service would be needed and if it would be daily or just a couple times a week. He noted that daily service should be two to three routes each day. But he said that the cost of that could run as high as $22,000 annually. The board suggested that one bus several times a week would be the way to go. Conklin told the village board that 58 percent of the cost could from state and federal funds. But, he would have to determine if they could change their grant to include a Boyceville route before the next grant period.

Other than the grant support, the cost of the service is paid by the riders and by the local government. Board member Keith Sorensen questioned Conklin about including Knapp and Wheeler in that route, but it was noted that there has been no request for stops at either community. Conklin noted that a single route would cost about $130 each day. But, after some discussion, Conklin told the board that he would try to put a package together and would get back to the board with that information.

River Road out of Village’s hands

For a number of years the village board has been the sounding board for a discussion about a private road called “River Road” on the village’s west side. The village board approved a resolution to establish basis for settlement of a lawsuit. Over the years the village board has heard complaints from property owners along the road about who has the right to use that road, or if it is private land.

According to documents from the village hall, James and Terry Norenberg commenced a lawsuit against Scott Berger, Christopher Evenson and others and Evenson cross and counterclaimed against Berger and Norenberg. Evenson included the Village of Boyceville as a third party defendant in an issue as to whether or not a certain street constitutes a public highway. The proposed settlement reached has provided for the dismissal of civil action and acknowledging that the Village of Boyceville will not be required to maintain the identified street, road, or lane as a public route of travel.

The village board took action to accept this agreement following a closed session of the board.

Following a second closed session item on the Board agenda, they agreed to sell lots one and two in Nelson’s Addition to Brad Stevens for the sum of $32,000.

In other village board action, they agreed to have Cedar Corporation survey and mark the boundary lines on a three to five acre parcel near the Cenex station along Highway 79. This parcel has been proposed as a location for the new fire station. Board member Bud Gilbertson introduced the matter and stated that they wanted to know where the boundary lines are next to the airport and what the lot would look like.

The board also approved a hangar lease application at the airport. Justin Murtha appeared before the board telling them that he is part of a group of five people that own two planes and they have agreed to purchase one of hangers to store the planes. He noted at present one plane is in Menomonie and the other is in New Richmond.

The Board also approved the nominations provided by Village President for election inspectors for the next two years. They include: Lana Benson, Ronald Grutt, Betty Garside, Sharon Seeger, Virginia Waller, Ruth Schutz and Nancy Diller. Alternates are: Carol Erickson, Ted Erickson and Stu Waller.

Police Chief Greg Lamkin made his monthly report to the Village Board about his department’s activity for the past month. He indicated that they made two arrests. One was for a violation of a temporary restraining order and the other was for a domestic abuse issue. He also told the board that a new officer, Jennifer Niehoff stated with the department two weeks ago.