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It’s that time of year to think about running for public office

The months of December and January of each year are when candidates are chosen to run for local public office. Candidates are either nominated by the use of nomination papers or a local caucus.

Nomination papers are circulated starting on December 1st, with the closing date of Tuesday, January 5 at 5 p.m.  Caucuses are held in January, where candidates are chosen for the April General Election.

 Local Townships hold their elections every two years on an odd year cycle. Next April elections for local officials will be held at the county level, city and villages plus the state will have a Presidential Preference election and a Justice to the state Supreme court and one Court of Appeals Judge.

City Of Glenwood

In Glenwood City, three alderman positions are up for election in April plus the Mayor. Nancy Hover, Steve Lee and Ken Peterson currently hold the three seats that are up for election in April. Mayor John Larson is also up for election.


In the Village of Boyceville, three seats on the village board are up for election on April 5th, 2016. The current people holding these seats are: Herb Dow, Jonathon Farrell and Keith Sorensen. Dow has filed with the village clerk a declaration of non-candidacy.

In the Village of Knapp three seats on the village board are open for election next April. Those seats are currently held by; Georgene Close, David Thibado and Ramona Sobottka.

The Village of Downing has one seat open on the village board that is currently held by Chad Lee. Joanne Showalter is the sitting Trustee on the Village of Wilson, whose term is up for election in April. In the Village of Wheeler, the seat currently held by Linda Crosby is open for election.

If anyone is interested in running, details can be obtained for the local municipal clerk.

County Board

In both St. Croix and Dunn County all members of the County Board of Supervisors are up for election in April. Dunn County has 29 Supervisors on the County Board while there are only 19 members on the St. Croix County Board.

Information regarding the St. Croix County board election can be directed to Cindy Campbell at 715-386-4600 or the county courthouse at 1101 Carmichael Road, Hudson, WI. For Dunn County contact Julie A. Wathke, Dunn County Court House at 800 Wilson Avenue, Menomonie.

School Board

Three seats on the Glenwood City School Board are up for re-election next April. Those seats are currently held by John Logghe, Lori Klinger and Charlotte Heimer.

Tim Sempf and Jeremy Mittlestadt hold the two seats on the Boyceville School Board that are up for election next April.

Candidates for school board must file a statement with the school to be placed on the ballot.