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Off The Editor’s Desk – 12-9-2015

In less than three weeks, Islam-Terrorists have struck again. This time in California, killing 14 American citizens, and injuring many more. They took 130 lives in Paris on Friday, November 13th.

What is President Obama doing to fight this war that we are in? It’s a religious war and the sooner he calls it what it is, the safer we will all be.

But, he has turned a blind eye to what is happening. Instead he burned up a couple thousand gallons of jet fuel to fly to Paris to attend a conference on Climate Change. He will then want us to stop burning fossil fuels that generates our electricity and drives our cars, so he can burn up jet fuel. Anything that comes out of that Paris Conference is sure to hit us in the pocket book.

What the President needs to do is to address the threat to the people of the United States and the world from Radical Islam and other religious groups that would harm us. He needs to protect us, that’s his job as Commander in Chief. If he does not, he is a traitor.

I am writing this piece on Thursday, and I know how he will address the shootings. He will ask for more gun control, and that is not the answer. For one, I am going to arm myself better.

Right now, the federal government is not protecting us. That enormous job has fallen on the shoulders of the local and county law enforcement agencies. Those police and sheriff’s officers did an outstanding job taking down the man and wife shooters in San Bernardino, California.

By Friday afternoon there was word that those two shooters in California had some sort of relationship with a Minnesota person that was a recruiter for a terrorist group. I watched a national news program this past weekend where an official stated that there are terrorists in every state.

As of late local police have been challenged by deaths at the hands of officers, some of which have been justified, and others that may have not. But in any case, they are the people that are protecting us.

“Support Your Local Sheriff,” a 1969 move starting James Garner, Jack Elam, Joan Hackett, Walter Brennan, and Harry Morgan is a theme we need to embrace. Support our local police and thank them for being on the front line.

The president wants to accept thousands of immigrants from the Middle East and I think, most will be law-abiding citizens, but in every barrel, there is a rotten apple and we can’t accept this threat.

Thanks for reading!       ~Carlton