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Days of Old – 11-25-2015

Days of Old – 11-25-2015

10 years ago
Tribune of November 9, 2005

Four local Glenwood City students have been nominated as People to People Student Ambassadors: Patrick Andersen, Justin Morrow, Nick Nueske, and Brent Reichstadt.

Father William Murphy has been the priest at the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Glenwood City for the past three years. He was first assigned to GC in July of 1997, but was here for two months before being transferred to Webster. He was reassigned back to GC in August of 2002.

What is the value of lots in the Glen View Estates subdivision, was the question posed to the city council Monday night during a public hearing about extending city utilities to serve four lots in that area.

25 years ago
Tribune of October 17, 1990

Curt and Joanne Klefstad were able to protect their $4,005 investment and maintain their hopes of turning the former Wheeler elementary school into a day care center thanks to a vote of 31-4 with one abstention last Tuesday night.

A 22 year old Glenwood City man, Joseph Obermueller, died in a pickup truck Friday night in a single vehicle accident about one mile north of Glenwood City on Highway 128.

For the second time in five months, residents of the Menomonie School district voted against resolutions that would have called for the building of new schools.

50 years ago
Tribune of December 16, 1965

It was reported that 1.7 inches of rain fell here during the period from Friday until Monday. Figuring from 10 to 12 inches of snow for every inch of rainfall, this would be upwards of 17 inches of snow if the weather had been a little colder last week.

The St. Croix County board of Public Welfare has approved the establishment of a homemaking services for public assistance and marginal income families in St. Croix County.

Farmers who are diverting land from crops for conservation reasons or production adjustments are being encouraged to establish enduring cover on these acres.

60 years ago
Tribune of November 24, 1955

The Ben Forrest home in the town of Glenwood was destroyed by fire last Thursday afternoon, November 17. All of the household goods and the contents of the house, as well as the house itself, were a complete loss.

It is now possible for any land owner whose property touches the Glenwood City school district to have his property joined to the high school simply by petitioning the school board in Glenwood City.

Wisconsin’s nine-day deer hunting has to date resulted in the death of 11 people. Four died from gun shots and eleven from heart attacks.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
October 21, 1920

L. J. Adgate cranked his Ford and made a hurry-up trip to New Richmond Thursday with Mrs. Walter Gibson and her 16-month-old son Kenneth, who drank fly-poison. The doctor fixed him up and he is now o.k. again.

A meeting was held at Pinehurst last Thursday to consider the layout of State Trunk Highway No. 64 through the town of Sheridan, Dunn County. A decision to the exact route was not made, but it was announced one would be chosen which could be opened for maintenance next year.

The reception given at the M. E. church last Friday evening for Rev. and Mrs. R. H. Glee and the school teachers was admirably planned and carried out.

35 years ago
Boyceville Press Reporter
November 27, 1980

A Sunday in November found Wheeler’s McIntyre Hall filled with local folks supporting legal action taken by 13 members of the Dunn County Electric Cooperative against the co-ops nine-member board of directors. What the lawsuit is trying to achieve is something they feel should be basic in a co-op business: guaranteed member rights to participate in the formation of co-op policies. The issue of board members treating constituent members unfairly surfaced three years ago after the co-op’s annual meeting.

A check representing the Connorsville Farmers Union Co-op’s share of $3.3 million in cash patronage stock was retired by Cenex this fall. The dividend check amounted to $1,022.

The new president of the Boyceville’s Community Action Club in 1981 is Scott Anderson, according to action taken at the group’s board of directors’ meeting Nov. 19.