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Off the Editor’s Desk – 10-21-2015

Did everyone watch the Democrat Presidential candidates debate last week? I have to admit that I did not catch it all as I had a meeting that I had to attend, so I got into it a little late. But I spent a couple of hours later reviewing it off Google.

Besides Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, do you know the rest of the field including Martin O’Malley, former Maryland Governor; Lincoln Chafee, former Rhode Island Governor and former Senator Jim Webb?

Of course the center of the stage is the spot that Clinton and Sanders stood and they captured the most airtime of the debate.

Sanders, who claims to be a Socialist, wants to have everything FREE, and by the end of the debate I also believe Clinton to be a Socialist.

Free education, free healthcare. Big government, taking care of us from the womb to the tomb, is what they are preaching. I have news for them, there is no such thing as free, someone is going to pay, and if you have a job, you are the one that is going to pay for all that free stuff.

Hillary was one of the four of five that had a long list of organizations that she would like seen gone including the NRA. The question asked was: “Which enemy that you made during you political career are you most proud of?” Most stated they are against the coal industry and want to do away with how our current energy is produced. But Hillary also was also against the NRA, health insurance companies, drug companies, Iran and the Republicans were on that list. Jim Webb is possibly the only one on that stage that could have my vote. He is a Vietnam vet and he answered the enemy question by saying, “probably the solider that threw the grenade that wounded me.”

My take is that if there is someone or an organization that has a different opinion or idea that is not to their liking, they want it gone.

One thing that I totally agree with those candidates on is about gun violence, or as a matter of fact, violence of any kind. I wondered how could they condemn gun violence and condone abortions?

If people with Socialist views get in, the government will be controlling our daily lives from the top down from Washington. That will take away all competition and the right to make a choice that is best for each person. Let private companies do it and things will get done better, faster and cheaper. But Hillary and the rest of those candidates want to control anything outside of the government. Control them to death, is what I got out of the debate.

Hillary was one of the candidates that placed the NRA as an enemy. I am a member of the NRA and I own a gun and I would urge everyone that likes to hunt, target practice or just be a gun collector, to join the National Rifle Association. Call them at 877-NRA-2000.

You have to pay attention to these people, because they are the ones that will control your life in the future.

Thanks for reading!       ~Carlton