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Off The Editor’s Desk – 10-7-2015

I watched several news reports over the weekend and watched as Jeb Bush’s poll numbers continue to fall and commentators suggesting that those Republican candidates with low poll numbers drop out of the race.

A big surprise to me was on Sunday morning with the release of a poll that showed Bennie Sanders leading in the New Hampshire Democratic race. The report went on to say that some 20,000 attended a rally for him earlier in the week and that most of the people attending were college students.

Sanders, is a Democratic Socialist and is for high taxes and government controls where all things are run from the top down. He gathered a large crowd at his appearance in Madison, the site of our state-funded liberal institution called the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a liberal island in the sea of conservatism.

Hearing about the large turnouts of college students for Sanders, just reinforced my belief that our institutions of high learning do not have a balanced curriculum, but attempt to guide our children into the liberal, socialist and even into the communism beliefs. Communism is too strong of a word to use in this description of our colleges, but there are those who have stated that our constitution is over 200 years old, outdated, and was written by white guys.

Just in case you forgot: Communism is a political and social system whereby, all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs. The control comes form the top down through peoples committees. Just thinking about it, that is what is happing now, with our educational system. The rules start at Washington, down to the state and to the board that controls the colleges, and another hand reaches to local school boards with all those regulations.

That’s enough said about the race. But I must clear up something that I may have misled you on.

A couple of weeks ago in this column I mentioned that I like the statement by governor Walker at the presidential debate that members of Congress were exempt from Obamacare.

Mr. Joseph Walsh of Kaukauna, WI called me on the carpet for that remark, and in his letter saying, “I needed to make an apology.” He is right. Mr. Walsh sent me a clipping from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that concluded: “Members of Congress and their staffs use the exchanges set up by the Affordable Care Act just like their constituents would.”

I searched Google to try to find the corrected answer about members of Congress being exempt from Obamacare.

The site called “PolitiFACT” wrote the following:

“Even a few sitting lawmakers have repeated this claim, but it’s not true. Congress is not exempt from Obamacare. Like everyone else, lawmakers are required to have health insurance. They’re also required to buy insurance though the marketplaces. The idea is to have lawmakers and their staff, buy insurance the same way their uninsured constituents would, so they understand what their constituents have to deal with. Most Americans who already get insurance through work are left alone under the law; Members of Congress are insured through work but are treated differently in this regard. Recently, a rule was added so that lawmakers could keep the traditional employer contribution to their coverage. But they weren’t exempt from requirements that other Americans face.”

Thanks for reading!       ~Carlton