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Days of Old – 9-30-2015

Days of Old – 9-30-2015

10 years ago
Tribune of  September 14, 2005

The Village of Wilson may be getting its own fire station, if plans set in motion by the village board will be finalized.

April Risler was crowned the 2005-06 Miss Glenwood City last Saturday night. Risler will be joined on the court by her princesses Kellie Anderson, Betsy Thompson, and Brianna Forrest.

Tracey Schone has been hired as the new Glenwood City Deputy Clerk-Treasurer, replacing Lori Stansbury.

25 years ago
Tribune of August 22, 1990

The new Boyceville Court is as follows: Miss Boyceville, Laura Amble; Junior Miss, Angie Hellendrung; First Princess, Shannon Mounce; Second Princess, Leslie Swanepoel; and Third Princess, Pamela Mounce.

Safe crackers struck at Tuttle’s Depot in Downing sometime during the early morning hours of August 11, and a total of $3,000 was taken.  Over this past weekend the Tribune Press Reporter office was robbed and more than $200 from the cash register was taken. On Monday morning workers at the Farmers Feed Mill in Glenwood City reported missing some $27 in change. Earlier money had been missing from the WestCAP office in Glenwood City. The Glenwood City firemen reported about $50 had been missing from the pop machine at the fire station.

The new elementary school and high school remodeling projects are almost done. Now, of course, it is time to pay for them. And judging by discussion that took place Monday, the board will propose a budget next month calling for $5,041,465.

50 years ago
Tribune of October 21, 1965

For the second year in a row, the proposed budget for the City of Glenwood shows a decrease. This year the budget is down by $4,947.25.

The Northwest Rifle and Pistol Club., Inc., of Dunn County will conduct its third annual free “Sight-in clinic” for all hunters and shooters on Sunday, October 24 at the Northwest Public Shooting range near Boyceville.

Holger Nielsen has been appointed to the position of Alderman from the third ward, to fill in the unexpired term by the resignation of Carlton DeWitt because he was no longer a resident of that ward.

60 years ago
Tribune of September 29, 1955

Redistricting will be an important issue under discussion at the annual meeting of the Downing Local of Pure Milk Products Cooperative to be held at the Civic Hall on Main Street in Downing on October 6.

Marksmen with their scatter guns failed last Sunday to hit the local record of 23 hits at the trap shoot here last week by Mac Johnston. The highest score was 22 hits by Mac Johnston, followed by Lawrence Bogut with a score of 12.

Wisconsin’s cash income from farm marketing the first half of this year was about 4.5 percent below the same period last year.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
August 26, 1920

Louis Harley, a well known farmer living about five miles southeast of Boyceville, was fatally injured by an accidental discharge from a shotgun Monday morning.

The largest check paid this year to a patron of the Barron creamery was that in June to John Werts and son, amounting to $587.08. Cream Checks of Glenwood City Dairymen will compare. Henry Praschack, manager of the Cleveland-Peterson farm in the town of Springfield, received $581.46 – milking only 30 cows – while Frank Gillis, of the town of Glenwood, received $516.51 –  milking only 24 cows.

An interesting bit of old Edinburg, dating back to about 1600, has been burned. The destroyed building was one of the landmarks of the Holyrood area. It was the old Ye Tree Tavern, and stood inside the bounds of the Holyrood sanctuary for debts, within which, in days of yore, the fugitive was free from the attention of his creditors.

35 years ago
Boyceville Press Reporter
October 2, 1980

Six improvement projects were proposed and agreed upon when members of the Village Board’s planning committee met and began work on a plan for Boyceville’s tax increment finance (TIF) program. Included on the list were expansion of utility lines and village streets into land east of 79 and north of Tiffany Creek owned by Junior Hedlund, expansion into land east of Tiffany Creek owned by Walter Hanson, paving the municipal airport runway, paying the village’s share in residential development in Granbakken Akres, establishing a railroad crossing between Tiffany Street and STH 170, and funding the village’s share of updating the municipal sewage treatment plant.

A formal settlement was reached when Boyceville village attorney Bill Thedinga met Sept. 22 with Wis. assistant attorney general, a Dane County judge, and  representative of the Dept. of Natural Resources to discus a lawsuit between the village and the state. Boyceville was referred to the state attorney general by the DNR for allegedly failing to meet its standards for sewage treatment. Final settlement will probably involved the village’s agreeing to a timetable for construction and paying a “reasonably small fine”.

Windows were broken and a business burglarized in Boyceville early Sept. 26. Vandals damaged the Boyceville Variety Store, windows in two school busses, Judy and Bob Upthall’s car, and swings in the village park.