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Off the Editor’s Desk – 9-16-2015

Off the Editor’s Desk – 9-16-2015

When our founding fathers wrote the Constitution, they made three separate branches. A check and balance approach that would keep each of the three branches of the federal government in compliance with the Constitution and keeping any one branch from accumulate too much power.

I have been watching all the talk and wrestling among the politicians over the deal with Iran. I always felt that the Constitution was very clear on who has the power to approve treaties with other countries. Many Presidents have tried to expand the power of the president, including FDR, who tried to stack the Supreme Court with more members of his liking so that he could rush through more of his New Deal Bills, but the Constitution held fast, thank God.

Section 2 of Article 2 of the Constitution is just three short paragraphs long and in short it says that the President is Commander in Chief of the armed forces. That’s contained in the first paragraph. The second paragraph states in part “He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur.”

I like what Rick Manning, the President of Americans for Limited Government, wrote in his Monday news release”

“America will witness the circus that is Congress throughout September, and likely draw exactly the wrong conclusion. Congress is supposed to be messy. It is designed to be a test of wills between competing ideologies. It is when Congress asserts its constitutional powers that our nation is strongest and the people’s voices are heard.

Unfortunately, over the past six years, Congress has failed to fight to hold onto their constitutionally designed powers against an avaricious (greedy) executive branch and an obsequious judicial one. President Obama’s Iran deal is an opportunity for the Senate to turn this recent history on its head simply by asserting its Article II, Section 2 authority, and voting on the deal as the treaty it is. President Obama won’t like it, but should he try to implement the treaty without ratification, the Senate should be ready to sue, and force the issue into the courts.

The idea is simple, force the federal courts to make a decision on whether the treaty power of the U.S. Constitution can be ignored by the executive branch simply because it is inconvenient to them.”

What will happen if Iran gets a nuclear bomb? They profess death to Israel and the United States.

Of course, Congress has many other things on it plate, including the budget. And the outcome of the budget fight will focus on the way the government spends our money.

Susan Crabtree’s report in the Washington Examiner states, “For a year and a half, Congress has worked through divisions on Washington’s fiscal policy with relatively little acrimony after their dramatic brinkmanship and a two-week government shutdown in 2013.

But things are getting testy again. Conservative budget hawks, frustrated by the lack of significant progress on fiscal discipline in Washington, appear to be gunning for another showdown, fueled by an unpredictable Republican presidential primary in which Donald Trump has roared to the front of the pack.

Any negotiating with the Democrats is likely to rankle conservatives in Congress who are pressing to defund Planned Parenthood and are threatening to shut down Washington over the issue. Social Conservatives are furious over a series of videos showing a group members selling tissue from aborted fetuses.”

If the Republicans win the election next year, maybe they will be able to bring down our great national debt. But if whoever is in control in Washington does not turn around our spending habits, our county will not survive.

Thanks for reading ~Carlton