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Boyceville juniors score above state-wide average on ACT

By LeAnn R. Ralph

BOYCEVILLE  —  The students who were juniors at Boyceville High School in 2014-2015 scored above the state-wide average on the American College Testing (ACT) exam.

This was the first year that Boyceville juniors took the ACT in the first state-wide implementation of ACT testing for all juniors, said Steve Glocke, high school principal, at the Boyceville Board of Education’s August 17 meeting.

Boyceville juniors scored 20.3 on the composite of the tests, compared to a state-wide score of 19.9, according to information Glocke provided to the school board.

Boyceville juniors scored 18.8 on the English portion of the test, compared to 19.0 for the state-wide average.

On the mathematics portion of the tests, juniors scored 19.8 compared to 20.0 on the state-wide average.

Boyceville juniors scored 20.8 on the reading test, compared to 20.1 state-wide.

On the science portion of the test, Boyceville juniors scored 20.8, compared to a state-wide score of 20.2.

A total of 52 Boyceville juniors took the test, compared to the state-wide number of 61,801 juniors.

Boyceville seniors also scored above the state-wide average with a composite score on the ACT of 22.5, compared to 22.2 state-wide.

Glocke noted that the senior scores were based on each individual student taking the test several times.

The scores reported were the best of the scores on the ACT tests for the seniors, he said.

Juniors, Glocke said, only took the test once.

A total of 24 Boyceville seniors took the ACT, compared to 48,870 state-wide.

Boyceville seniors scored 20.1 on the English portion of the test, compared to a state-wide score of 21.6.

For mathematics, Boyceville seniors scored 22.3 compared to a state-wide score of 22.0

In reading, Boyceville seniors scored 23.1 compared to a state-wide score of 22.4.

In science, Boyceville seniors scored 23.7 compared to a state-wide score of 22.3.

Other business

In other business, the Boyceville Board of Education:

• Approved hiring Jordan Anderson as the middle school football coach.

• Approved hiring Holly Coombs as the elementary library paraprofessional for 25 hours per week.

• Approved hiring Erika Sudbrink as the Title I/Special Education paraprofessional for a 30 percent temporary position for one year.

• Approved applying for the Achievement Gap Reduction (AGR) program, which replaces the Student Achievement Guarantee in Education (SAGE) program.

• Approved adopting the Wisconsin Academic Standards.

• Accepted the restraint and seclusion report for 2014-2015.

• Learned that Tiffany Creek Elementary had 39 students participate in the Community Education summer program.

• Learned that early childhood, kindergarten, and grades one, two and three at Tiffany Creek Elementary will again be part of the Book Trust program. Each student will receive $7 per month to spend on Scholastic books. The Book Trust will spend about $30,000 this year on books for students at Tiffany Creek Elementary. Nick Kaiser, TCE principal, said he was not sure how much longer the Book Trust program would be available but that teachers at TCE were looking forward to participation in the program again this year. The program requires a 93 percent participation rate, but many classes at TCE had 100 percent participation last year, he said.