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Boyceville village board hears prices of sewer line fix

BOYCEVILLE — The village board found out that a main sewer line is in need of repairs. Village Maintenance head Don Rose reported to the village board Monday night that the line from Tiffany Street and Wilson Street to Lift Station number three is in need of repair.

Rose told the board that the ten-inch line that was constructed in 1958 with concrete pipe is showing wear and needs repair. Rose recommended having a liner placed in the pipe. He indicated that the cost of lining the ten-inch pipe for the 1278 feet to the lift station would be about $45,000 to $50,000 and that would require a bidding process.

Rose said the line handles all the village’s wastewater and asked that the village engage Cedar Corporation to draw plans and bid the project. The village board agreed to move ahead with the repair.

In another unrelated sewer line item the village board gave its approval to Ohly to install a gate valve in a storm sewer line that picks up water on Tiffany Street in front of the Ohly facility, and flows into Tiffany Creek just North of the Ohly facility. At question is that if a truck loaded with product unloads next to Tiffany Street and the storm sewer catch basin, and has a spill. Ohly wants to be able to shut off the line in that case, so the product does not find its way into Tiffany Creek.

In other action the board approved several picnic licenses for the upcoming Cucumber Festival. The following received licenses: Boyceville Firefighter Association; Boyceville Wrestling Club and the Firefighter Association also received a license for a Tractor Pull on September 19th and 20th. The board also approved operator’s licenses to Mark Lange, Brad Stevens, and Joel Danovsky. An application for an operator’s license from Dan Brandenberg was not acted on because by rule the application has to be in the clerk’s hand at least three days before the board could take action and this application was not received by the Village Clerk, Cindy Swanepoel, within that time period. Village President Gib Krueger indicated that the board may have a special meeting before the Festival and could act on it then.

The board approved an annual expenditure of $992.00 for a software program for the police department.

And, finally agreed to offer an additional $500.00 to the Community Action Club to support the annual Cucumber Festival.