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Boyceville school board honors bus driver for avoiding an accident

BOYCEVILLE — The school board honored one of its bus drivers for his quick actions that prevented an accident from happening.

School Superintendent Kevin Sipple informed the school board Monday evening as part of their regular meeting that in May, bus driver Bob Bird “took aggressive evasive action to avoid what could have been a terrible accident. His great care maybe saved lives or injuries.”

Sipple told the story that Bird had just turned his bus onto Highway 25 and was proceeding to the first stop on 25 and had noticed a semi-tractor in the distance approaching him. Bird stopped to pickup more students, had his flashers on and students were approaching the bus from its left side, when Bird looked into the mirror he noticed that the semi-tractor was approaching fast and was not going to stop in time.

Sipple explained that with the students coming to the bus were in a safe location, so Bird accelerated the bus to expand the distance between the bus and the semi-tractor. When the driver of the semi-tractor noticed that he was close to the bus he applied the brakes on the truck and went into a skid, leaving black marks on the highway. The truck came within a few feet of striking the back of the accelerating bus before it came to a stop.

Sipple presented Bird with a certificate of appreciation for his action and said; “we would like to thank Bob for his extra attention to the safety of the children who ride our buses. We have an excellent transportation staff and Bob represents this staff well.”

State aid will increase

During his report to the board Sipple indicated that the school has received the 2015-16 July 1st estimate for total general aid. His report stated that the estimate for the coming school year shows an increase of $279,578 for the district. Last school year the district received $5,343,538 in general aid. He stated, “this should be good news for taxpayers in the district as the levy will be down.” and concluded “the added dollars does not give us more money for spending revenue.” Stressing that this is only an estimate, Sipple told the board “the final numbers are due to the school district by October 15th.”

He discussed the new state budget, which was recently signed by Governor Scott Walker and pointed out several areas that will have an affect on schools. He noted that there will be an expansion of school choice, changes to the Common Core Standards, and that a civic test will be required for graduation.

In other items in the Superintendent’s report, Sipple praised Mr. Klefstad and his staff as they hosted a CESA #11 custodial and maintenance workshop on July 8th. He noted that 132 people from other school districts were in attendance at the workshop and he was very proud of the local staff for the work that they have done.

In other action the school board approved raising the student meal prices by a dime. In the report the board had indicated that school district need to be charging $2.70 or higher for paid lunches, but the school can not raise prices more than a dime at a time. The board approved a new rate of $2.25 for 4K-4th grade; $2.35 for fifth and sixth grades and $2.55 for seventh thru 12th grade.

The board also approved changes to the Co-Curricular Code book and the Student Handbook.

The board also accepted a donation of 300 board feet of soft maple and 400 board feet of red oak to the Technology Education Department. The value of the lumber was placed at $2,100 and was donated by Dan Bignell.

The board received a spring sports season review document from Brian Roemhild that indicated student participation. There were 17 boys and 17 girls out for track this spring with 16 boys involved in baseball and 23 girls out for softball and the middle school had 35 to 40 students in track.