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Off The Editor’s Desk – 6-24-2015

Crazy, deranged, insane! What else could one call the person that shot up the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC, last week? Or for that matter, any gun carrying person that took someone’s life. We all must condemn the horrible action of the shooter.

The accused gunman faced the victims’ family in a courtroom and they forgave him and put justice in God’s hands. What a statement to make on behalf of the victims’ family that forgiveness and love is in their hearts. Killing is not the answer for anything.

How do we keep a gun away from such a person? I wish I had an answer to that question. I know that many people in high places would like to take guns away from us all. That will never work. We cannot keep drugs away from our children and putting a sign at the door saying weapons are banned from these premises is a waste of time and paper.

Trying to disarm the population is not the answer. I remember the 1984 movie, “Red Dawn”. In this fictional story Russia invades the United States and the scene is a small mountain town where teenage boys hide in the mountains and become gorilla fighters. But the first thing that the commander of the invading force does is to get a registration list of all the guns in the area and sends troop to confiscate those weapons from the public.

Following this recent shooting, I received an e-mail news release from an organization, that I had never heard of before, called 2nd Amendment Org. They claim to have 160,000 members in 26 states and the news release stated: “2AO is asking Americans to rise up and protect our nation’s churches through responsible gun training and ownership.” Now that is something that I can get on board with, education and being responsible.

The president of 2AO, Bryan Crosswhite suggested that we exercise our 2nd amendment right to protect ourselves and not give up our guns and hope nothing will happen.

But, I am having a hard time supporting any suggestion that we have an armed guard in every public building. But for me, I will support your right to be armed and carry a gun. However, I am leaving mine at home. Maybe an armed person could have stopped that shooter in Charleston before he took nine lives. If you have any thoughts on this matter, I would appreciate a letter to the editor on gun ownership. What’s your thought?

Thanks for reading!   — Carlton