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Off the Editor’s Desk – 6-17-2015

I forced myself to watch the speech by Hillary Clinton announcing that she is a candidate for President of the United States. If anyone did not already know that, they must have been living in a box. She has been running since 2007.

I had hoped that I could find a common ground where I would agree with her on important issues that face this county. I am sorry to report, that I could not.

She is the front-runner for the Democratic nomination for President next year and as I see it now, there is no one that will be able to overcome her for the Democratic Party nomination. The only way that she could be side tracked is that she reverses her decision to be interviewed by members of the press.

About the only thing that I could support her on was her suggestion that we need to support our troops and veterans for their service to this country.

She blamed the Republicans for lowering the taxes and increasing the country’s debt. In the six years that Obama has been President our country’s debt has almost tripled and it was just the past January that the Republicans gained control of the senate. The spending of monies is from programs that were pushed through by her party.

In her speech, she portrayed rich people as evil, but she and her husband, Bill, are the ones rolling in money. I wonder how that happened. They claimed that they were broke when they left the White House in 2001. They have since made money, as has their foundation. At present I have yet to hear what the foundation has done with the millions of dollars it has collected, a lot of it coming from foreign entities.

She suggested several times about raising the taxes on the rich. Am I wrong in feeling that we all would like to have someone else pay our share of the taxes and those with money could do that! But we have found out that it does not work. We all have to share the responsibility of our debt.

As I had thought, she sees that the biggest item on the agenda is global warming. That’s her party’s way of taking your mind off the real pressing problems that is facing his nation. She suggested that we tax the coal, oil and gas industries to pay for “clean power” that could be developed from wind, solar or some new power-producing venture that has yet to be developed.

We all know what will happen when we put a tax on an item that we are currently purchasing. The cost of that item will go up. And, that my folks, is what will happen to the price of gas at the pump, the cost of heating and cooling your home and so will the price of everyday items that we consume.

Her coming out speech was held on Roosevelt Island with the new World Trade Center in the background and she took credit for the new construction and she took credit for the great armed forces this country has.

The Atlantic summed up her speech this way: “Very strikingly, the speech contained no mention of either Social Security or Medicare. In four separate places, the speech criticized as insufficient the taxes paid by wealthy people. It offered only the most glancing reference to farmers. These are the groups from whom much must be required in order that to others, much might be given. Despite her own great personal wealth, and long association with people even wealthier than herself, Clinton is frankly presenting herself as a politician of inter-class struggle.”

Thanks for reading!   — Carlton