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Design Built says new Boyceville fire station can be built for $992,000

By LeAnn R. Ralph

BOYCEVILLE — Design Built Structures of Chippewa Falls has submitted a proposal to the Boyceville fire district for building a new fire station at a cost of $992,000.

Members of the Boyceville Community Fire District discussed the proposal from Design Built at the May 13 meeting.

Fire district members also authorized Rich Monn, chair of the Town of Stanton and chair of the fire district’s five-year planning committee, to speak with a representative from Bremer Bank to find out financing options for building a new fire station based on the proposal from Design Built.

Obtaining financing options would give the town boards in the fire district information to help them plan for paying for a new fire station, Monn said.

Monn had visited the Granstburg fire station and found out that the original estimate to build it was $900,000 in 1999, but by the time the fire station was actually built, the cost had increased to $1.6 million.

The cost of building a fire station increases between 3.5 percent and 5 percent for every year a project is delayed, Monn said.

Gilbert Krueger, chair of the fire board and Boyceville village president, said he envisioned Boyceville building a new fire station within the next three years.

Chuck Maves, fire district representative from the Town of Sherman, said he thought building a new fire station within perhaps ten years sounded more realistic.

Municipalities in the fire district would pay for the fire station according to the percentage of equalized value that they have in the fire district.

Previous estimates for a new fire station in Boyceville placed the cost at up to $3 million.

The Design Built proposal is for a fire station with four bay doors that is 110 feet wide by 90 feet long with a 36-foot by 90-foot second floor.

The plans also include offices, a training room, gear locker room, bathrooms, kitchen and storage.

In addition, the plans include plumbing, electrical (including a generator), in-floor heat in the bay area, as well well as grading, site work and four-inch blacktop around the entire building.

Engineering and state fees are included in the $992,000.

Members of the Boyceville fire district unanimously approved a motion authorizing Monn to speak with the representative from Bremer Bank about financing options.


In other business, the Boyceville fire district authorized Brian Marlette, fire chief, to research the purchase price of a new All Terrain Vehicle, a pump and a tank to replace the oldest brush truck.

The 1979 pickup truck was purchased from the Baldwin fire district about 15 years ago and was used when Baldwin purchased it, Marlette told the fire board.

ATVs are useful for fire departments because “you can get anywhere with an ATV,” he said.

“I think that’s the way to go,” Marlette said.

Monn noted that the department’s existing ATV did very well on the perimeter of the grass fire near Knapp in April.

Monn said he had heard that it was basically the ATV that had put out the large grass fire and that the brush trucks had gotten stuck.

The Boyceville Community Fire District meets next at 6:30 p.m. June 10.

Ambulance district

At the Boyceville Community Ambulance District meeting immediately following the fire district meeting, members learned that while the new ambulance station was $25,000 to $30,000 over budget, Matt Feeney, ambulance service director, could not give them an exact amount.

The biggest part of the over-run was from charges billed out by Halverson Brothers Plumbing and Heating, Feeney said.

Even though he has asked several times, Feeney says he has not received an itemized list of the remaining charges from Halverson Brothers.

Halverson caused damage to the new building, and the cost for repairs still must be billed to Halverson, Feeney said.

Halverson Brothers damaged a piece of equipment while working on the ambulance station, and the company is billing the Boyceville ambulance service for the repairs.

It is not common practice to bill the client for construction operator errors, Feeney said.

Members of the ambulance district approved a motion to use money from the depreciation fund, if needed, to cover the over-run on the ambulance station.

A special meeting of the Boyceville ambulance district was set up with Halverson Brothers on May 19 to discuss the dispute over the remaining invoice amount for the EMS station.

The Boyceville ambulance district meets next on June 10 at 7 p.m.or immediately following the fire district meeting.