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Boyceville interviews candidates for police chief

By LeAnn R. Ralph

BOYCEVILLE — The Boyceville Village Board met in closed session for a special meeting April 9 to interview candidates for the police chief’s position.

The meeting began at 12:45 p.m. although the minutes did not indicate what time the meeting adjourned.

According to the minutes, Boyceville Village President Gilbert Krueger announced in open session that the village board had “developed a list and will start some background investigating.”

Village trustee Bud Gilbertson was excused from the meeting.

Also in attendance at the interviews were Cindy Swanepoel, clerk treasurer; Mary Lagerstrom; Kevin Sipple, Boyceville school district administrator; Captain Kevin Bygd, Dunn County Sheriff’s Department; Chief Deputy Paul Gunness, Dunn County Sheriff’s Department.

The names of those under consideration for the police chief’s position were not made available to the public.


The Boyceville Village Board’s finance planning and personnel committee met in closed session at 4:30 p.m. April 8 to finalize police chief interview procedures.

According to the minutes, after the closed session, Krueger announced in open session that the committee had finalized interview procedures for the following day.

The reason for the closed session was not clear since it did not appear that the committee was discussing specific candidates.

State law does not authorize a governmental body to meet in closed session when the discussion involves general policies and not specific employees.


The Boyceville Village Board held a special meeting at 5 p.m. April 8 to meet in closed session to discuss negotiations regarding the employment status of a police officer.

After reconvening into open session, Village President Krueger announced that the action taken in closed session was to continue negotiations.

April 13

The Boyceville Village Board held its regular monthly meeting April 13.

During the meeting, the village board:

• Discussed with Don Rose, director of public works, the possibility of requiring all groups to fill out a rental agreement for public property, such as Pafko Park and the community center. Without a rental agreement, Rose said, there is no documentation of which group is using which facility and who would be responsible for returning keys.

• Learned that Herb Dow, village trustee, had received a complaint about a property with “a backyard full of junk” on Center Street.

• Declined to pay $108 per year for terrorism insurance to cover the fuel tank at the airport in the event of a terrorist attack.

• Approved bartender operator’s licenses for Twyla Wirth and Paige Reaney pending confirmation that they have met the requirements.

• Approved a rental agreement with Quality Grain Services in the amount of $30 per acre for 52 acres to plant crops near the airport.

• Debated whether quarterly payments to the health savings accounts for employees should begin on the first day of health insurance or if the payment should begin January 1. Village board members believed guidelines must exist that specify when the payments should begin.

• Appointed Alicia Skinner as the lead person for the crossing guards. The appointment included a 50-cent raise.

• Approved convening the Board of Review on May 11 so that the Board of Review could be adjourned immediately to a later date in June.