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Off The Editor’s Desk – 4-15-2015

It looks like Spring, with the grass turning green, flowers starting to sprout and people out cleaning up their yards. We had the help of our grandson, Ross, on Saturday to help with those outdoor chores. We got a lot done, but there are still some things to finish.

As I was in the yard with the rake, I knew it was springtime as several motorcycles passed by and cars that apparently had been in storage for the winter were out and about.

That brought the thought that I could get my yard work done and maybe take one of our classic cars out for a ride. But I did not and on Monday morning while I was looking over the Internet I came across an item about the new four cylinder 2.3 liter Eco-Boost Mustang that comes out of the gate with 315 horsepower. I had heard about this new venture that Ford has to offer and looked one over at the Minneapolis Auto Show recently.

I watched a video on the computer of this four banger running against a 1970 Boss 302 and it outperformed the 302. Ford will push this model, for its muscle and for its good gas mileage.

I had a couple of muscle cars during my life time including a 1961 Ford Sunliner with a high performance 390 V8 and a 1965 Mustang GT, but when the kids started coming, a family car was more appropriate.

The ’61 I took to the drag strip in Minnesota once, and it turned the quarter mile in less than 14 seconds with speeds just over 100. That was impressive for a stock model back in 1961.

Now Paula has a Fortieth Edition 2004 Mustang GT that spends the winter days in the back of our office and I know it is itching to be taken to the streets and I am sure that the rest of you car nuts have the same feelings to get that classic out and moving.

And, just a reminder that the Red Cedar Classic Auto Club’s 36th Annual Car Show and Swap Meet is set for Sunday, May 17 at the Colfax Fair Grounds. See you there. If you need more information about this event, call Jeff Beguhn at 715-235-6443.

Thanks for reading! — Carlton