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Local election results are in

Local election results are as follows:

Town of Glenwood has a new chairman

In the Town of Glenwood voters chose a new Town Chairman by eight votes, that gave Mark Maes the top job in the Township. He won over incumbent Joe Draxler by a count of 114 to 106.

For the sideboard, incumbents Barry Peterson and Rick Obermueller won over Bill McCluskey.  Obermueller got 146 votes, Peterson received 122 and McCluskey got 98 votes.

Michael Myers got 185 votes to be returned as Town Clerk. He was running unopposed. For Town Treasurer, Audrey Maes won as a write in candidate over the other write in Lori Obermueller, with a vote count of 59 to 58.

Incumbents returned in Emerald

In the Town of Emerald, only incumbents appeared on the ballot and they were returned to their office at last Tuesday’s election. Here Henry Hurtgen collected 106 votes for Town Chairman, while Tom Wink and Frances Klatt got 97 and 92 votes respectively for Town Board members. Running unopposed, Barbara Prinsen got 101 votes for Town Clerk and Don Prinsen got 100 votes for Town Treasurer.

Fayerweather, new chairman in Springfield Township

Dean R. Fayerweather is the new chairman of Springfield Township. He out polled incumbent Chairman Bill Reusch by a count of 110 to 87.

Brian Mahoney and James Mahoney were re-elected to the Town Board with votes of 184 for Brian and 181 for James. They were running unopposed.

Village of Wilson

Incumbent Village President Dennis Cowan was re-elected, as was Village Trustee Michelle Nelson. Both received 27 votes. They were running unopposed.

City of Glenwood City

Only incumbent members of the City Council were running to be returned to their seats on the Council. For the two years terms, Terrance Klinger, Crystal Booth and Ben DeGross were re-elected. Klinger received 187 votes; Booth, 172 and DeGross, 178.

For the one-year term on the council, Steven Lee got 173 votes.

Both Glenwood City School Referendums OKed

Voters in the Glenwood City School District approved both referendum questions at the April 7th General Election. The total vote in the district for the first question was 790 to 204 and for the second question the vote total was 588 to 305.

Two financing questions were present to the voters for their approval. The first was asking for a bonding issue of $4,740,000 to pay the cost of improvements to building and grounds, heating, air quality and ventilation and roof upgrades at the elementary school and safety improvements which include relocating the offices to create a secure main entrance.

The second bonding issue is for $4,500,000 to support the cost of improved air quality and energy efficiency upgrades to the heating and ventilation systems at the middle/high school. Every precinct in the school district approved both questions except the voters in the Town of New Haven and the Town of Stanton, which voted against the second question.

The vote totals for each precinct are as follows:


Town of Glenwood: Question 1 – 159 Yes, 61 No; Question 2 – 135 Yes, 82 No
Town of Emerald: Question 1 – 59 Yes, 17 No; Question 2 – 52 Yes, 24 No
Town of Forest: Question 1 – 168 Yes, 22 No; Question 2 – 61 Yes, 37 No
Town of Springfield: Question 1 – 106 Yes, 35 No; Question 2 – 89 Yes, 0 No
City of Glenwood: Question 1 – 200 Yes, 41 No; Question 2 – 180 Yes, 58 No
Town of New Haven: Question 1 – 3 Yes, 3 No; Question 2 – 1 Yes,   5 No
Town of Tiffany: Question 1 – 30 Yes, 13 No; Question 2 –  23 Yes, 19 No
Town of Stanton: Question 1 – 20 Yes, 7 No; Question 2 – 11 Yes, 16 No
Village of Downing: Question 1 – 44 Yes, 5 No; Question 2 – 35 Yes, 14 No
Village of Wilson: Question 1 – 1 Yes, 0 No; Question 2 – 1 Yes, 0 No
TOTAL: Question 1 – 790 Yes, 204 No; 588 Yes, 305 No

For the two open seats on the Glenwood City School Board, only the incumbents were running for the three-year term. Re-elected were Dr. C. W. Rasmussen who got 720 votes, while Judy Achterhof got 651. There were 15 write-in votes cast.

Carol Breslin new chair in New Haven Township

Last Tuesday the electors in the Town of New Haven chose Carol Breslin over incumbent Marv Prestrud to lead the township for the next two years. The vote was 58 to 49.

For the two members of the town board, the votes approved incumbents Jill Huber and Don Cormican over write in candidate C. Douglas Enloe for anther two- year term.  Huber collected 73 votes with Cormican getting 64 and Enloe had 51.

Running unopposed for Town Clerk, was Diane Duerst who got 102 votes and Laura Ulrich got 101 for Town Treasurer.

Village of Downing

Sue Petranovich will be the new Village Clerk in Downing as she received 36 write-in votes for the office. Outgoing clerk, Kate Phalin, chose not to seek re-election to that spot.

Greg Holden was running unopposed to be return to his seat as Village President and received 47 votes, as did David Bischel for Village Trustee.

Score new member of Boyceville School Board

Two seats were open on the Boyceville School Board were filled with incumbent Erick Evenson winning a second term by collecting 422 votes while Peter Score gained a seat with 99 write-in votes. Joe Pieters received 30 write-in votes.

Erickson back on Boyceville Village Board

The Boyceville Village Board will have two new members as the result of last Tuesday’s election. Incumbent board member Bud Gilbertson, and Village President Gib Krueger were the only members to file for re-election for a two year term on the board, while Mary Lagerstrom made her first run at office. Incumbent board members John Hellmann and Keith Sorensen did not file papers to be on the ballot.

Gilbertson and Lagerstrom won the election with 77 and 76 votes each respectability, while former board member Ted Erickson claimed the third seat by getting ten write-in votes. Krueger got 82 votes to retain his position as Village President and Brad Erickson was re-elected Municipal Judge with 22 write-in votes.

Village of Wheeler

In the Village of Wheeler incumbent Village President James Carter got 20 votes, as did incumbent Trustee Marlene A. Larson who also collected 20 votes. Both were running unopposed for another two-year term.

Town of Stanton

In this Dunn County Township voters returned Rick Monn as Town Chairman. He was running unopposed and got 82 votes.

For the two seats on the town board, three candidates were on the ballot.  Steve Nielsen and Melissa J. Schutz won those seats over Nick Schaff. The vote count was Nielsen with 62, Schutz with 50 and Schaff got 47.

Town of Tiffany

There was a contest in the Town of Tiffany for both seats on the town board and for treasurer. For the First Supervisor Seat, incumbent Joe Adams defeated Lee Kegan on a count of 73 to 61. For the Second Supervisor seat incumbent Bill Drinkman, who was running as a write-in lost to Michael H. Blechinger on a vote of 71 to 60.

For Town Chairman, incumbent Chuck Siler was unopposed and he got 119 votes.

For Town Treasurer, Laura Rasmussen defeated Joanna M. Utphall, 82 to 56.

Karen Adams was re-elected Town Clerk, running unopposed, and she got 125 votes.

Matt Friest new Knapp Village President

Voters in Knapp have chosen a new Village President at last Tuesday’s election. Here Matt Friest outpolled Mark Berg by a count of 68 to 59. Friest will replace long time village president Ron Finder, who was not seeking another term.

Six people were on the ballot for the three open seats on the village board. The three that won were Tony Flom, Gene Lemke and Curtis Matula. They out polled Orvil Lafferty, Vickie Schlueter and Ramona Sobottka. The vote count was: Flom, 96; Lemke, 64; Matula, 54; Sobottka, 50; Schlueter, 43 and Lafferty, 39.

Town of Hay River

There were no contest in Hay River Township with Russell Hitz returning as Town Chairman and Ned Hahn and Cindy Hoff are the two supervisors on the town board.

Forest Township

In this Township the only contest on last week’s ballot was that of Town Clerk. Here incumbent Marilyn Benson was not seeking another term and voters chose Anne Johnson won over Douglas Karau.

Jamie Junker was re-elected town chairman and Craig Paulson and Laverne Hoitomt are the two supervisors.