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Election Next Tuesday: Voters to decide on city, village, township officers, School board members and school referendum

Next Tuesday, April 7th is the Spring General Election in which seats and all township, village and school board are selected as well as members to the city council. There are also two referendum questions in front of voters in the Glenwood City and Baldwin-Woodville School Districts as well. There are also elections of a Justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court as well as a Court of Appeals Judge and a statewide referendum regarding the selection of the Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

City of Glenwood City

In Glenwood City, four members of the city council face re-election next Tuesday. The three incumbents for the two-year terms are running unopposed. They are Terrance Klinger, Crystal Booth, and Ben DeGross. While incumbent Steven Lee is seeking a one-year term. He was appointed to fill out the term held by the late David Graese.

Town of Glenwood

In the Town of Glenwood, there are contest for the town chairman and for members of the town board.

Incumbent Town Chairman, Joe Draxler is being challenged by Mark Maes. While three people are running for the two seats on the board. Those candidates are Bill McCluskey, Rick Obermueller and Barry Peterson. Peterson and Obermueller are the incumbents.

Michael Myers is seeking another term as town clerk. He is running unopposed. There are no candidates on the ballot for town treasurer. However, Audrey Maes is running as a write-in candidate for the position.

Town of Emerald

In the Town of Emerald only the incumbents are seeking to be returned to the town board. They are: Henry Hurtgen as Town Chairman and Tom Wink and Francis Klatt as board members.

Barbara Prinsen is unopposed as Town Clerk as is Donald Prinsen as Town Treasurer.

Town of Springfield

In this township there is a contest for Town Chairman. Dean R. Fayerweather is opposing incumbent Bill Reusch. Brian Mahoney and James Mahoney are the candidates for the two seats on the Town Board.

Town of Forest

The only contest in the Town of Forest is for the position of Town Clerk. Incumbent Clerk is Marilyn Benson who is not seeking another term. Two candidates were nominated at the caucus to run for the position and they are: Annie L. Johnson and Douglas Karau.

Jamie Paul Junker is running unopposed as town chairman for another two-year term.

For Town Board, Craig Paulson and Laverne Hoitomt are running unopposed. Paulson is the incumbent while current member of the board Rick Steinberger is not seeking to be returned to the board.

Town of Tiffany

In this Dunn County Township a contest has developed for the second supervisor on the town board. Here incumbent Bill Drinkman has chosen to be a write-in candidate for the position he currently holds. Drinkman is running against Michael H. Blechinger, whose name appears on the ballot. Lee Kegan and Joe Adams are the two candidates on the ballot for next Tuesday’s election for the first supervisor’s seat.

The other contest is for Town Treasurer. Current treasurer, Elaine Drinkman is not seeking another term and Laura Rasmussen and Joann M. Utphall appear on the ballot.

For Town Chairman, Chuck Siler is running unopposed for another term.

Town of Stanton

Three people are seeking the two positions on the Town Board in this Dunn County Township. They are: Steve Nielsen, Nick Schaff and Melissa J. Schutz. Nielsen is the incumbent.

The current Town Chairman, Rick Monn is running unopposed for another term.

Town of New Haven

In the Town of New Haven election there are contests in both the chairman’s position and for the Town Board.

Incumbent chairman, Marv Prestrud is being challenged by Carol Breslin, while three people are seeking the two seats on the Town Board. They are: C. Douglas Enloe, Don Cormican and Jill Huber. Huber and Cormican are the incumbents.

Diane Duerst is running unopposed to be returned as Town Clerk as is Laura Ulrich as Town Treasurer.

Town of Hay River

There are no contests in the Town of Hay River for next Tuesday’s election as incumbents are seeking re-election. Russell W. Hitz to be returned as Town Chair and Ned Hahn and Cindy Hoff for Town Board members.

Michelle Drury and Susan Hitz are seeking to be returned as Town Clerk and Town Treasurer respectively.

Village of Boyceville short of candidates

In the Village of Boyceville, only one incumbent has chosen to appear on the ballot for re-election to the Village Board. The board has three open seats to be filled at the April 7th election. The only incumbent to appear on the ballot is Bud Gilbertson. Mary A. Lagerstrom is also seeking one of those seats, but this leaves one seat that has no candidate running. Two incumbents, John Hellmann and Keith Sorenson have chosen not be seek re-election to the Village Board.

Gilbert Krueger is running unopposed for anther term as Village President.

There is no candidate on the ballot for Municipal Judge.

Village of Knapp has full slate of candidates

Next Tuesday election in the Village of Knapp, the ballot lists contest for Village President and the three seats on the Village Board.

Long time Village President, Ron Finder, is not seeking another two-year term. Appearing on the ballot is Mark Berg and Matt Friest.

Six people are on the ballot for the three open seats on the village board. They are: Orvil Lafferty, Gene Lemke, Tony Flom, Vickie Schlueter, Curtis Matula and Ramona Sobottka. Lemke and Schlueter are incumbents.

Village of Downing

In the Village of Downing, only incumbents, except for Village Clark are seeking re-election to their offices.

For Village President, Greg Holden is running for another two-year term as is David Bischel as Village Trustee and Sharon Bundy as Village Treasurer. Kate Phalin is not seeking anther term as Village Clark, but Sue Petranovich is seeking that office with a write-in campaign.

Village of Wheeler

Here incumbent Village President James M. Carter is unopposed for another term. This is also the case for incumbent Village trustee Marlene A. Larson who is running unopposed.

Village of Wilson

There are no contests for seats on the Village Board in Wilson. Here Dennis Cowan is seeking another term as Village President.

Michelle Nelson is running for the open seat on the Village Board.

Glenwood City School Board

Only incumbents filed letters of intend to run for the two open seats on the Glenwood City School Board. They are current board president Charles W. Rasmussen and member Judy Achterhof.

Boyceville School Board

Only incumbent Erik Evenson appears on the ballot for a three-year term on the Boyceville School Board.

Gail Stark, the current members of the school board and its president, has decided not to run for another term. As of Monday afternoon it was learned that Peter Score has filed to be a write-in candidate for the Boyceville School Board. Score lives in the Township of Sheridan.

School referendum asks voters two questions Tuesday

The electors in the Glenwood City school district will be asked to vote on two bonding issues for school improvements.

The first is a $4,740,000 issue to pay for the cost of improvements to the buildings and grounds, heating, air quality and ventilation and roof upgrades at the elementary school, safety improvements including relocating the offices to crate a secure main entrance. This will also pay for school traffic flow improvements, parking, fire alarm replacement, lighting and technology upgrades.

A second question will ask voters to approve another $4,500.000 bond issue to support the cost of improved air quality and energy efficiency upgrades to the heating and ventilation system at the middle/high school building.

Baldwin-Woodville School Bonding

The Baldwin-Woodville School district is asking voters to approve a $13,950,000 bonding issue to pay for the cost of constructing additions and improvements to Greenfield Elementary School including remodeling projects to improve safety and security.

Supreme Court Referendum

State voters are being to approve a change in the way that the Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court is chosen.

At present the Chief is the Justice that has the most seniority on the court. The change would allow a vote by the majority of the justice on the court to choose who the Chief Justice would be. That person would serve for a two-year term.

There is also an election for the State Supreme Court where James P. Daley is challenging Ann Bradley.

Election notices

Each Municipality in that state are required to print notices of their elections and for voters in St. Croix County, a special supplement with all the county municipality listing their elections and polling places are included with the delivery of the Tribune Press Reporter to all St. Croix County addresses.

For those voters in Dunn County, all the notices are printed within the pages of this issue of the Tribune Press Reporter.