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Off the Editor’s Desk – 3-25-2015

Paula and I spent the weekend in Hayward. I had to stop in Rice Lake Friday afternoon at a printer’s supply house to pick up some rollers and chemicals for one of our printing presses, and then we made our way north on Highway 48 to Birchwood and then onto County Highway F following Lake Chetac.

We have traveled this route before, but now as there are no leaves on the trees, the view of the Lake Chetac and surrounding area is just a sight to behold. Making our way up Highway 27 into Hayward was uneventful, but with the cold weather there was not much traffic.

On Saturday morning as I looked out of our place onto Lake Hayward, which was still covered with ice, I could not see any sign of fishing activities or of any birds or animals. But on Sunday morning, the ice was gone, the birds were back and I spotted a Loon out in the middle of the lake. Spring is here, I thought, but with the white snow on Monday morning, winter once more showed its face.

On Saturday we traveled up to Washburn and Bayfield along Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior, the sight was even more breathtaking. We drove around Bayfield for several minutes and saw a house that offers a million-dollar view of the lake and Madeline Island. If you do not have plans for this or next weekend I would advise you to take that drive just to see the wonderful sights that our great state of Wisconsin has to offer.

Heading back to Hayward, we took Highway 13 south out of Ashland to Mellen and then on County Highway GG to Clam Lake and onto 77 into Hayward. We were hoping to see an Elk. Clam Lake is where the herd of Wisconsin Elk is located. We have traveled this route before in the hopes of seeing an Elk. But we have yet to see any trace of one.

I might mention that Mellen is home to the Copper Falls State Park and that is another place that you must see.

Thanks for reading! — Carlton