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Boyceville ambulance in new quarters

At their regular monthly meeting of the Boyceville District Ambulance Service, members learned that the new building is up and running.

Matt Feeney, the Ambulance Director informed the District members at their March 11th meeting that as of the first of the month the service has moved from the fire station into their new quarters on Tiffany Street.

Feeney noted that the building was about 95 percent complete and the staff is enjoying the new building and the privacy it provides. He also noted that the concrete apron on the sides is yet to be installed. He said that the $9,000 donation from the recently closed Lutheran Church would be used to fund that project.

He also noted that a new fee schedule that went into effect last October has shown to increase income. He told the members that the new charges have increased rates for residents from $600 to $670 and non-residents from $650 to $800 and the per-mile charge was increased from $12.50 to $14.25 a mile.

The financial statement provided at the meeting showed the service had receipts in February of $201,871.70. It also indicated that the service had a payroll of $13,444.50 for the month.

Fire Chief Brian Marlette reported that with the two ambulance units moving from the fire station to the new building the fire department was able to move two units into the building that had been stored outside.

Marlette noted that the fire department had seven runs in February with the biggest run being a mutual aid call for a barn fire in the Prairie Farm area. He also noted that the department responded to a gasoline spill in Wheeler. He said that a person was not attending to the hose while filling the tank. The person was sitting in the car and either the hose came out of the car or the nozzle did not shut off.