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Hay River Helpers hold January and February meetings

The January 19th meeting was held in the TCE cafeteria at 7 p.m. Before the meeting started an announcement was made that the sledding party was being postponed until February 8th.

Then pledges were said attendance was taken and reports were read. Old business was then discussed. Some old business was feedback of the stockings made for WESTCAP at the December meeting. Next was new business. Some things discussed were Clover Courier updates, March meeting on Sunday the 8th and a fun activity that could be done, and last was April speeches and demonstrations. Then the Meeting was adjourned.

The February 9th meeting was held at 7 p.m. in the TCE cafeteria. Some new business discussed was possibly having a softball team, 4-H camp at Beaver Creek, and that there was a change in the record book format. Old business was the sledding party was cancelled, a thank you came from West Cap, and roller skating at VisionQuest in March. After the meeting was adjourned the kids played a game. The objective of the game was to use certain materials to build some sort of air powered device. All of the kids enjoyed the game.

Report done by Nathan Corr