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Days of Old – 2-11-2015

Days of Old – 2-11-2015

10 years ago
Tribune of January 26, 2005

Holy Cross Lutheran Church held a dedication services for its recently completed addition this past Sunday morning, January 23. Nearly 150 people attended this service.

Petersons’ Valley View Farm, along 150th Ave., in the town of Glenwood, will have another 40 acres placed into a conservation agreement with West Wisconsin Land Trust to protect that land from irresponsible development.

The Glenwood City School Board approved the administrative team’s recommendation to reinstate some programs that were cut a year ago, for budget reasons and to create a new position of “Pupil Service Director” at their January 24 meeting.

25 years ago
Tribune of January 3, 1990

At a special meeting last Thursday night, the Glenwood City School Board learned that their district is only one of 100 that will be seeking a new district administrator in 1990.

A gruesome tragedy befell Glenwood City last Thursday night when Kathleen Luepke was found shot to death in the living room of her Route 1, Glenwood City home. She was reported to have received eight or nine .22 caliber bullets. Her 15-year-old son Jason Luepke is being held by the St. Croix County Sheriff’s Department as a suspect.

On Oct. 30, 1989, the City of Glenwood City filed an application with the Commission for authority to increase water rates.

50 years ago
Tribune of February 25, 1965

The L.V. Ward Hardware Store in Downing was burglarized over the weekend and about $8.00 in cash and close to $100 worth of merchandise was missing.

The St. Croix County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted unanimously to finance the additional $42,000 necessary for the county’s share of the construction of the new proposed lake and recreational area in the Glen Hills Watershed.

The trustees and officers of the Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge, Pa., announced the selection of Glenwood  City high school by the distinguished National and School Awards Jury to receive $100.00 and an award for an editorial accomplishment in helping to achieve a better understanding of the American way of life.

Searchers still have found no trace of Dave Gast or his light plane lost in a plane crash since January 24. Mr. Gast was 35 years old, married and had two daughters. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Gast of Emerald and attended school in Glenwood City.

60 years ago
Tribune of February 10, 1955

Thieves early Tuesday morning broke into the L. V. Ward Hardware and the Downing Feed Mill at Downing and escaped with about $207 in cash.

Plans are being made for the join dedication program of the new school building at Emerald and Glenwood City, which will be held on Monday evening, Feb. 21 at the Glenwood City gymnasium.

The Marvin Teigen family, along with Phil Rassbach of Phil’s Farm Store, will be guests on the television show, Country Road 5, next Thursday, February 17. The show is presented on KSTP-TV, channel 5, at 12:15 p.m.

Three people narrowly escaped with their lives last Thursday morning when fire of unknown origin totally destroyed the Neil O’Shea farm home in the town of Springfield.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
January 8, 1920

Ortwin Gersdorf, son on William Gersdorf, of the town of Glenwood, was horribly burned and narrowly escaped death when his house burned down about seven o’clock Monday morning.

The new automatic electric motor for the city water pump has arrived and awaits installation.

The Glenwood City mill and elevator is now open for business, all the equipment having been installed.

40 years ago
Boyceville Press Reporter
February 13, 1975

Dottie Joles, our lovely 91-year-old pioneer, was taken to Luther Hospital at 9:20 on Monday.

We were informed Tuesday morning by Less Gaard that he had received word of the passing of Sophus Hendrickson, former resident of Boyceville, who suffered a heart attack Sunday.

Mrs. Halvorson is a patient at St. Luke’s Hospital in St. Paul, where she was admitted Tuesday afternoon. Her condition is quite favorable and we hope she will be home  next week. We are lost without her.