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Candidates nominated for upcoming April election

By Kelsie Hoitomt

In the month of January, municipalities in the surrounding area have submitted their candidate names that will be on the ballot for the upcoming April election.

St. Croix County

In the City of Glenwood City, only the incumbents turned in nomination papers. Terrance Klinger, Ben DeGross and Crystal Booth will be on the ballot for a two year term and Steven Lee will be on the ballot for a one year term.

In the School District, Board President Dr. Charles Rasmussen and Board Member Judy Achterhof are both running unopposed to be returned to their seats.

In the Town of Glenwood, the caucus results have two people running for Chairman with incumbent Joe Draxler on the ballot as well as township resident Mark Maes.

On the ballot for Supervisor seats are incumbents Barry Peterson and Rick Obermueller and then Bill McCluskey is running against them.

There were no names nominated for Treasurer, which leaves that position still open and current incumbent Michael Myers is running for re-election as Clerk.

At the Town of Springfield’s caucus, current incumbent Bill Reusch will be running for Chairman against nominee Dean Fayerweather.

Current Supervisors, Brian Mahoney and Jim Mahoney were renominated and will be running unopposed.

In the Town of Forest, current Chairman Jaime P. Junker is running unopposed.

Running for Supervisor is current incumbent Craig Paulson and then new on the ballot will be Laverne Hoitomt.

Treasurer Nikki A. Sunday will be running for re-election and she is unopposed. Town Clerk nominees are Anne L. Johnston and Douglas Karau; current incumbent Marilyn Benson is not running for re-election.

In the Village of Wilson, there are two seats that are up for re-election and the current incumbents are the only ones on the ballot. President, Dennis Cowan and Trustee, Michelle Nelson are running unopposed.

Dunn County 

In the Village of Boyceville, there are three Trustee positions up for grabs and two names have been filed with one being the current incumbent Bud Gilbertson. The other is Mary A. Lagerstrom. Incumbents John Hellmann and Keith Sorenson did not file nomination papers.

Village President, Gilbert Krueger is the current incumbent and will be the only one running.

Municipal Judge, Bradley Erickson did not file papers and there were no other names filed at the time of the meeting.

In the Boyceville School District, there are two seats up for election. The position of President is open as Gail Stark did not file re-election papers. There were no names filed as of the deadline, but there could possibly be write-in candidates.

If someone comes forward and chooses to actively campaign as a write-in candidate, then they are required to register as a candidate and fill out the appropriate campaign forms.

Aside from that, Erik Evenson is the current Treasurer and he is running unopposed for re-election.

In the Village of Downing, President Greg Holden is the current incumbent and will be running unopposed.

The Trustee position held by David Bischel and the Treasurer position held by Sharon Bundy have no other nominations on the ballot than themselves and as of now the Clerk position had no one seeking the seat at the time of the caucus.

In the Town of Tiffany, current Chairman Chuck Siler is running unopposed.

Joe Adams and Lee Kegan are running for Supervisor I position. Mike Blechinger is running unopposed for the Supervisor II position.

Karen Adams is running unopposed for the Clerk position and then Laura Rasmussen and JoAnn Utphall are running for Treasurer.

In the Village of Knapp, there are two new candidates running for President; Mark Berg and Matt Friest. Current incumbent Ron Finder is not seeking re-election.

Candidates for Village Trustee are Gene Lemke, Tony Flom, Curtis Matula, Vickie Schlueter, Orvil Lafferty and Ramona Sobottka.

In the Town of Stanton, Chairman Rich Monn is the current incumbent and will be running unopposed.

The Supervisor seat will also be on the ballot with two positions available. Incumbent Steve Nielsen is running as is Melissa J. Schultz and Nick Schaff.

In the Town of Hay River, Chairman Russell W. Hitz is running unopposed for his re-election.

Cindy Hoff is on the ballot for the Supervisor I position; Jeff Lake did not seek re-election. Ned Hahn is the incumbent for the Supervisor II position and he is running unopposed for re-election.

Michelle Drury is seeking re-election as Clerk and Susan Hitz is seeking re-election as Treasurer and both are running unopposed.