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Boyceville to seek help from Dunn County in hiring new police chief

By LeAnn R. Ralph

BOYCEVILLE — The Boyceville Village Board has agreed to ask the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department for help in hiring a new police chief for the village.

Herb Dow, village trustee, opened the discussion on the procedure for hiring a new police chief at Monday night’s meeting by saying he thought it would be a good idea to accept the county’s offer of assistance.

Paul Gunness, the chief deputy of the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department, would be the contact, said Gilbert Krueger, village president.

Jo Palmer, village trustee, said that using the sheriff’s department to find a new police chief would be a way to expand the resources available to the village without additional expense to the taxpayers.

The next step would be to contact Chief Deputy Gunness and set up a meeting “to get the ball rolling,” Krueger said.

Without a police chief in Boyceville, the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department must devote additional resources to providing law enforcement for the village, “so they said they would be willing to help,” said John Hellmann, village trustee.

The county would assist with screening and interviewing candidates, but the county would not be in charge of actually hiring the police chief, Hellmann said.

Krueger wondered if the meeting with Chief Deputy Gunness should be with a committee or with the entire village board.

Board members agreed that the whole village board should be part of the discussion.

The Boyceville Village Board unanimously approved a motion to work with the Dunn County and schedule a meeting with Chief Deputy Gunness.

Krueger said he would set the meeting as soon as possible.

Board members agreed that sooner would be better, and Krueger said he would talk to Chief Deputy Gunness on Tuesday and would schedule the meeting for next week on January 21 if it were at all possible.

Boyceville Police Chief Dan Wellumnson retired this past November.

Board members indicated that time was of the essence in finding a new police chief because the interim Boyceville Police Chief, Brandon Scott, has accepted a full-time position with Dunn County.

The interim police chief will work part-time in Boyceville for now, and when a full-time police chief is hired, Police Chief Scott will work with the new police chief until his official end date for employment, according to the minutes from the village board’s finance planning and personnel committee meeting January 8.

In a somewhat related matter, the Boyceville Village Board voted unanimously to contribute to Police Chief Scotts’ Health Service Account in the amount of $200 for January.

Other business

In other business, the Boyceville Village Board:

• Agreed to send the issue of updating the village’s zoning codes and ordinances to the water and sewer committee and the buildings and property committee for a joint meeting.

• Received a suggestion that a complaint box be set up for village employees who want to make complaints anonymously. Krueger said the complaint box was one of the auditor’s ideas. Krueger said the complaint box should have two locks, similar to the requirement that checks have co-signers. The auditor also thought the village takes too much action on the committee level and wanted everything to come back to the village board.

• Approved a motion to accept a contract with Cedar Corporation to handle transactions with Sure Site and AT&T to review a new cellular communications pole near the water tower in the amount of $2,000 for zoning code coordination and plan review, with any additional reviews costing $300 each.