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Off the Editor’s Desk – 1-14-2015


I just finished reading the book “Killing Patton”, written by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. The subtitle is: “The strange death of World War II’s Most Audacious General.” If you were at all interested in the history of World War II and especially of what Patton’s leadership contributed to the Allied victory in Europe, I would urge you to read it.

The book details Patton’s command of the Third Army and the attempts made on his life including an attack by a British built fighter plane with Polish markings that may have been flown by the Russians.

The car accident that took his life occurred in December of 1945, after he had been relieved of his command of the Third Army. A drunken soldier, driving a stolen army two and half ton truck with two other soldiers in the front seat, was driven into the front of the general’s Cadillac, causing the general’s head to crash into the back of the front seat of the vehicle and breaking his neck. Doctors said he would recover, but he did not and he died 12 days later. It is speculated that he could have been poisoned.

The driver of the army truck was never charged in regards to the accident and apparently any record of the accident has been lost.

Why did some people want to get rid of Patton? It is because Patton believed that the Russians, under Joseph Stalin, were a greater threat to world peace than the Germans under Hitler. Patton wanted to attack the Russian army.

His superiors including Eisenhower and President Roosevelt knew better. Or did they? What would have happened if Patton took on the Russians and won? I believe he could have since the Russian army was exhausted from the battle of Berlin while the allies watched from the sidelines.

Had Patton got to Moscow and eliminated Stalin and his supporters, I believe that there would have been no Cold War, no war in Korea  or Vietnam. The loss of American lives in fighting the battles of the Cold War was more than what would have been lost against Russia. Just to note that more than 8,000 American soldiers are still missing from the Korean War. The loss of life in Korea was over 97,000 allies with 35,516 being American soldiers and more than 60,000 Americans lost their lives in Vietnam. Should Patton have been given the okay to march on Russia?

Let’s change our train of thought to the price of gasoline. It is now below the two-dollar mark in our area. I cannot remember when it has been that low, not in this century. But the president is determined to change that. In an article by Marita Noon, who serves as the executive director for Energy Makes America Great Inc., she states:

“For the past six years, the oil and gas industry has served as a savior to the Obama presidency by providing the near-lone bright spot in economic growth. Increasing U.S. oil-and-gas production has created millions of well-paying jobs and given us a new energy security. He peppers his speeches with braggadocio talk about our abundant supplies and decreased dependence on foreign oil.

So now that the economic powerhouse faces hard times, how does the Administration show its appreciation for the oil and gas industry boom to the economy.

By introducing a series of regulations, at least nine in total, according to the Wall Street Journal, that will put the brakes on the US energy boom through higher operating costs and fewer incentives to drill on public lands.”

If you are still an Obama supporter, remember him when the price at the pump turns the other direction.

Thanks for reading! — Carlton