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Dunn Co. receives grant from WI DOJ for Treatment Court

MENOMONIE — Dunn County Criminal Justice Collaboration Council (CJCC) is pleased to announce the County has received a $79,318 grant from the State of Wisconsin Department of Justice for Dunn County’s Treatment Court program. Treatment Court is an intensive court program designed to assist with individualized recovery to break the cycle of addiction and crime. These funds will be used to continue efforts to enhance integrated treatment of substance abuse and mental health services for successful rehabilitation of Treatment Court participants.

Treatment Court goals are to improve community safety, reduce crime, address specific participant needs, and help foster a sober, crime-free, healthy lifestyle. The grant will be used to fund an Integrated Treatment Specialist, with expertise in substance abuse and mental health, to support participant engagement in treatment, reduce mental health symptoms, develop an enhanced awareness of recovery, and provide evidence-based services to improve successful outcomes.

Dunn County Circuit Court Judge Rod Smeltzer, one of two judges that preside over Treatment Court, says “early on in the development of Treatment Court we have taken the position that often folks dealing with addictive behaviors, whether that be meth, alcohol, prescription drugs or other substances, often have mental health concerns that have to be balanced for successful treatment. If not for this grant, our resources to address these needs would be limited.”

County Board Chairman, Steve Rasmussen added “more generally, the mission of the CJCC is for all stakeholders of the justice system to collaborate with the goal of a more effective, efficient system to reduce recidivism resulting in greater public safety.” Treatment Court is one example of how Dunn County is working together to be smart on crime to reach these goals with effective justice strategies.

The State of Wisconsin Department of Justice awards annual grants through a competitive application and review process.