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Out of the Past – 12-31-2014

Out of the Past – 12-31-2014

10 years ago
December 29, 2004

A son, Nicolaus Richard Jensen, was born Oct. 31 to Jim and Jolene Jensen of Colfax.

A son, Dustin Lee Joachim, was born Nov. 6 at Sacred Heart Hospital to Dominique and Sue Joachim of Elk Mound.

Lisa Rae McCluskey, formerly of Cooks Valley and Kevin Michael Small were married Oct. 31 in rural St. Joseph, Ill.

25 years ago
January 4,1990

Elmer Blicher won the first prize of a microwave oven during the grand opening at the First Bank and Trust’s new Colfax branch.

Bob Kenefick of Elk Mound was recently inducted into the Tri -State Breeders 100,000 Cow Club.

35 years ago
January 3, 1980

Colfax High School will be buying a training machine called a “leaper” to aid basketball players in building up their leg muscles, according to boy’s coach Dick Diener. Money for the machine is coming from fund raising by the players.

John Kragness and Ken Tape both rolled a 600 series during the Thursday Night Men’s Major Bowling League. Kragness had a 604 series while Tape shot a 603.

Rita’s Make It Supplies store in Sand Creek will have a going out of business sale Jan. 5.

50 years ago
December 31, 1964

Deepwood Ski Area will be open New Years Eve with a dance in the ballroom.

First place in the outdoor home decorating contest went to the home of Mrs. Nora Wiseman, second place went to the John Hammer home and third was the Clifford Fjelsted home.

The children of of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Larson are sponsoring an open house in honor of the couple’s fiftieth wedding anniversary Jan 10 at the Faith Lutheran Church at Running Valley.

65 years ago
December 29, 1949

Oscar Hovland, who has been a buyer of livestock, poultry, furs, hides and iron has sold his business to Robert and Charles Ferry.

Shirley Snyder became the bride of Richard Scheidecker at the Grace Evangelical church of Eau Claire Dec. 10.

Col. Ed. Martinson of the Good Samaritan Army collected $11.31 for the needy around Colfax during the past week which he turned into purchase of Christmas items to bring yuletide cheer to the less fortunate of the area.

100 years ago
January 8, 1915

At the Christmas tree program at Running Valley, the Pastor’s family was remembered by the congregation with a purse of $71.25.

Last Thursday evening, one of the largest crowds attended the well-known “Tanners Entertainers” at the Opera House, two hundred and forty six people besides the children were present.

Great Britain has lost another of its second line battleships. The Formidable, sister ship of the Bulwark, which was destroyed on Thanksgiving Day, was blown up in the English channel. It is not known yet if the accidents were due to a submarine or a mine.