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Off the Editor’s Desk – 12-31-2014

Off the Editor’s Desk – 12-31-2014


I would like to acknowledge all those individuals that have or are currently serving on local government boards. Your time spent in service is not wasted and I offer my thanks for your service.

As January nears, it is time to file for open seats on town, village and school boards and the city council. I would urge anyone that is interested in serving on an elected board to file and to do so. I know from experience, that sometimes, there is very little thanks for your service, but you have an opportunity to shape the future of your community, plus serve your neighbors.

For school, village and city council, nomination papers need to be filed with the local clerks in January to make the April ballot. For town boards and some village boards, the process is to be nominated at a caucus held during January. I would suggest you contact your local town clerk to find out the date, time and place for the caucus. That election is also in April, on the seventh.


When local people put their effort into something, they can get a project together and get a lot of things done. I think everyone is aware of the fire that set Glenhaven’s construction project back a full year. Glenhaven is in the midst of raising some $700,000 to finish their new facility. They had received donations of more than a hundred thousand dollars this summer and about three months ago a committee was formed to help in securing donations to fully fund the goal.

A couple months ago two anonymous benefactors came forward. They challenged the committee to raise funds and they would match what they raised up to one hundred thousand dollars each. So for every dollar the committee could get donated, that meant three dollars for Glenhaven. There was one catch, however, the money had to be donated before Christmas.

I am very proud to report that the committee was very successful and many, many people stepped forward and the goal was achieved and then some. As of the day before Christmas the amount raised was over $125,000. With that money and the money raised before it puts Glenhaven well on the way to making the total fund raising goal a reality.

It’s great when people can come together to successfully complete a project. It was the same at Colfax a couple of years ago when they were in the process of building a new health care facility. The community rallied and the goal was met.

You earned a big thank you for a job well done.

Thanks for reading.       ~Carlton