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Letters to Santa – Colfax 3rd grade – Mrs. Hart

Letters to Santa – Colfax 3rd grade – Mrs. Hart

My Best Christmas ever was this Christmas cause Santa sent me a email. He said I maid it on the nice list and that I might get a xboxone. We put the tree up and decorate it. I love Christmas.

By: Barrett Clark


My best Christmas ever was last year. Mom and I found a dog ornament. We bought it for are dog cuase we thought it was going to be her last christmas. Cause she was very old. For a present I got a tablet. And a tablet case. at my house we also go to both my Grandparents. We get alot of presents at my Grandma Nelson’s house. We make lefsa every year. I get alot of horse things every year. This year I want a DS. And DS games. On every Christmas morning when my mom and dad are in bed I go out by the tree and count how many presents I got I also see if they’re big or small then I go to see if Santa ate the cookies asee if he drank the milk. CHRISTMAS IS FUN!

By: Brook Perry


My Best Christmas ever was last year’s christmas because I got an amerkin girl doll. We all got to our grandmas house. And we eat stuffing and meat. All the cousins play tag and other games. We open presents after we eat.

By: McKenna Shipman


My Best Christmas ever was. Last Christmas when my family had a great feast on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day i wake up reley early in the morning befor my Mom and Dad get up my brother gets up with me. When my family opens presents my Mom and Dad have a video roling. The best present Garrett and me had was everething. Our Mom and Dad love us. And we love to and Garrett Mady and me have fun on Christmas day.

By: Grayson Decker


Dear Santa,

My best Christmas ever was every Christmas. Because every Christmas I see my family. We have breakfast together. We also open presents together but that doesn’t matter as much as being together. Me and my brothers and sister always get an orange in our stockings. And that’s the way it’s always been. We take turns opening presents. A few days after Christmas we sometimes go to our aunt’s house. And we celebrate The New Year and Cristmas in one day. There’s always a lot of people at my aunt’s house usually more like always it’s fun. We have lots of food on Cristmas. The best Cristmas present was a knitting machine. And I don’t know how I could pick because all the presents I’ve got were really great I love getting up each Cristmas and looking at each present.

By: Janette Hydukovich


My best Christmas ever was all of them because they gave me alot of cool gifts. and my tree is so cool because of the christmas lights. and I have fun on Christmas day because I travel all over. and I have fun with my family. in the morning I wake up. then I go down stairs. and open my gifts. with my brothers. and my dog. and we open them at the same time. and then I play outside. with my dog. in the snow and we have a church. and we do Christmas songs.

By: Alexis Schindler


My best Christmas ever was last year we went to get a tree with a sleigh ride and cut our own tree down and had hot chocolate and apple cider and Santa brought lots of toys and clothes stuff like that plus decorating the tree.

By: Trayten Bartz


My Best Christmas ever was Sammy the elf he is funny. he whant to drekret my tree. and I have for super is cake and some time cholklet. And we count 1 2 3 to open ower presents. and we go sleding on small hills at my home.

By: Kimber Rose Cross


My Best Christmas ever. Was all or them becase they are cool. My Mom and Dad are the Best of it and i love them and I get to play whith my Brother Dustin He is 17. And I play whit my frenid when I am done opening my presines. Then we go and play football it was fun. Then we open preints its fun. Then we go to see my family.

By: Blake Johnson


My best Christmas ever was 2013. I got a mp3 player but I wanted an ipod. But santa sent a not saying that he sent the wrong thing. A couple of week later I got my ipod. I got 28 sharpy marks. And I got way more but those are my best.

This Christmas I’m going to my aunt Becky. She made many cookies. I put my best ornament on my tree. I best ornament is a horse.

By: Kennedy Shane


My best Christmas was all of them. I like opening all of my presenst. I go to a Chisstmas Festival. I look at the Chistmas decorations. I eat candy and cake. I pick out a tree to take home.

By: Vinnie Jadden Zalar Jones


My best christmas ever was! Was my dads is when I found out that the Harvey’s were moving in. At my mom’s was when I went to grandma Shultzs’s house and I got tons of presents and the hole family was there. We had a lot of fun. Expect for my sister she was sick. For X-mas I want a keybord and a ArtKit and a cooking set and a mincrrt shirt and spotrs colths.

We eat a lot of things like pies and cake. And my B-day is three days arter X-mas so we cellabrite is on X-mas.

By: Meadow Keltner


My best Christmas ever was last year Because I got a now wii game. and I had church program and it was fun. I was a lame. My family had a Christmas party and it was fun. My family play yuose and  uno and it is fun. Me and my cousin run arownd the lown and we had fun. I liked was the cookie.

By: Connor Albricht


My best christmas ever was last year because we went to church at cristmas eve whick was better for me because I coud open my presints faster and not to think about theme. At cristmus eve we open presints from the family theme at cristmas day we open the priesints from santa. last year my dog got bones. This year I’m going to play my kindle. The app is Maddin.

By: Kevin Ross


My best christmas ever was. every slengl one. We have lots of fun. we take turns opening our presents. I norley open mine frist cous I have the most. My grandpa an I make popcorn balls. Me and my grandma make fuge and sewt trests. We have a lot of dections we pote lot on our tree. we will have lots of fun!! We play lots of games.

By: Mariah Marvin


My best Christmas ever was 2013. I went to My grandma & grandpas houes for Chrismas. It was the best Christmas because I didn’t wan into the tree on the sharp turn with the green Articat snow mobile. I also got a duck dinasty video game. I also got a duck dinasty truck, trailer, boat & duck plus a duck dinasty guy. It was the best Christmas ever!

By: Eli Ralph


My best Christmas ever was having presents. I want a rockin girl jazzing drum set. I love eating chohulate. I like my grandma. I like Whitny, I play with my wii. I play monoply. I call it ponzlpoly. Im gona put all the ortamants on the chrismas tree. I wana build a snowman.

By: Audry Ackerlund


My best Christmas was last year becaause it was relly fun and went to my grandma and grandpas. it is fun because we do bingo. for my gifs I got to combin that would go up to your neass and I got a kindl fire. and some time we go sleding. and if the football game is on we would wach it. and eat good and then we stay untell it is dark and do joks. and christmas is my favorite time of the year.

By: Hunter Dresel


My best Christmas was last year. Because I went to my grandpa and grandma’s house and we opend presents and ate cake and had my favorit cookies. And played with my new cars and trucks. My famly traditisonis we got to the boling ally. And the caben after cristmas and have famly time.

By: Levi McCutcheon


My best Christmas ever was every year. Every year my family gets together for Riba Christmas. We eat we do a gift exchange and we have fun doing all of it.

Christmas isn’t just about present it’s also about spending time with your family. For Christmas I want a metel detchder. This year I think I am going to my dad’s house for Christmas this year. I can’t wait for Christmas.

By: Josephine Doerr


My best Christmas ever was. when my cousin’s came to my grandma and grandpa’s house. And my mom and sister and my broher and I went to the house to. And I helped my grandma decorate the tree. My cousin’s helped decorate the tree to. What I want for Christmas is a I pod and a look like me American gril doll. I have a question for you Santa How old are you and what is your wife’s name. This year I am going to my grandma linda’s house in Illinois. I love Christmas.

By: Amy Wenzel