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Letters to Santa – Colfax 3rd grade – Mrs. Berndt

Letters to Santa – Colfax 3rd grade – Mrs. Berndt

I went to Gramdmas and opend preesents. Then we had hot cocoa and it was hot. Then we played with my cousin. played with my new toys. Then we went out side. Wen we came in side we ate pie then we watched a movie. and football.

By: Cayden Gibson, age 8


My favorite Christmas was my sister, grandma and myself. Ii was very nice to see my grandma. I love Christmas. One Christmas was a lot of presents at my dads and moms and grandmas houes. It was fun opening prsents with my sister. Once I saw Santa, he give us presents. When I woke up I saw Santa near the Christma tree. I went to my room. I woke up angie and the cookies were all gone. My brithday is very close to Christmas. There was lots and lots and lots of snow. I had lots of fun in the snow. I was at my cousins house. it was very snowy. We went sleighing at my cousins house. I had lots of cookies at my grandmas house. When I was in Colfax I made a snowman The snow was very very very deep. My snowman broke but it was fun playing in the snow. I got a new coat when I was at my dad’s house my sister has a new coat too.

By: Anna Stinebach, age 8


My favorite Christmas last Christmas was awesome because I saw a lot of present’s under the Christmas tree with my name on them. I got an Ipod and a new coat. It was so fun. That night was even better because I got a lot more present’s at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house. When I got there we ate turkey and mash potatoe’s. Then we opened present’s and I got a sewing kit and other stuff too.

It was the best Christmas ever.

By: Jada Anderson, age 8


When I was three I heard somthing on Christmas Eve. When it was 16:00 p.m. my Christmas tree had no presents. Then I went to bed, 3 hours later I was excied, I heard Santa I have proof, Santa left a note and it read this.

Dear, Ava

You are a good little girl. I’ll give you a hint Your present is very big.

Merry Christmas.

Thanks for the cookies

By: Ava Kersten, age 8


My favorite Christmas was when I woke up in the middle of the night because of anoise. It sounded like thud thud and it came from the roof. I stayed in bed. Then i heard HO HO HO. I thought that was Santa. Then the noise went away. I walked out into the liveing room and there were tons of presents. I walked back into my room and fell asleep.  I woke up and my grandma Jordan, Xzavier and my mom were up. I said good morning to every one. When it was time to open presents. I got a camra, tent and more

By: Asher Pecha, age 8


When I wake up I helped my dad work. When we come back we eat. After were done we wait for a couple of minutes. Then we brush our teeth mine were clean. The next day we clean around the house. I washed the dishis. My sister cleaned our bedroom.

By: Nathali Cuaquehua, age 8


My favorite Christmas was last year. I got clothe. I got a horse. I got a carrge.

Then I got a dream catcher and a bow and arrow I also got a lot of toys. I also got some shoes.

By: Isabella Terrana, age 8


My favorite crismas was two year’s ago. I got WWE 13 from my grandma Cindy. At the Chrismas party two year ago. I had it on my Chrsmas list.

Santa ate most of my milk and cookies. He left me a note I do not remember what it said. I had fun in St. Cloud with my grandmas family.

By: Drake Knutson, age 8


My favorite Christmas was last year. When my shy cat was still alive. That was one of my favorite days because she didn’t like kids and she let me play with her. But not my brother.

My family gave Santa cookies and milk.  I got lots of Candy, cookies, and candy canes. My grandma usally always comes over on Chritmas. Me and my brother always get a gift from Rudolph.

By: Kaylie Olson, age 8


I went to my grandmas houes for Christmas. When I woke up I went to the Christmas tree. I waited for everyone to wakeup.

I was third to open my presents. When we were done we went sledding. When we were done we went ice fishing.

By: Remington Laska, age 8


My favrite Christma Rodulph and Prancer were friends. They like cookies and milk. They lived in a cave. The cave was very big. Rodulph relly likes it outside becuse the snow flake. There weny pretty there was a scary monster. Rodulphs dad hid him from the manster. The manster was very big and whit. The manster was looking for a snake the snow was very deep he had a very hard time geting through the snow. The end.

By: Lily Davis, age 8


My favorite Chritmas was 2013. Every one was having fun. We were at my Grandma’s house. It had stairs so we took my Mairo Kart Kne’x track and made a big slide. We had one of my charactors go down the slide. At the end of the slide there was a ramp the Caaractor went flying

We had cookeis and ate. then we opened presents. I got some shirts and a new wii game. My sister got some shirts and got a bord game

By: Christian Ebert, age 9


My favorite chrismas was when my other grandma was with us and we had a fun time. We had a Holly Joly Crismas. and we did all sort’s of thing’s opened present’s and listend to Chismas music and watched chrismas move’s. that was specal becase it was probably the only Crismas that I was old enough to remember.It was realy fun.

By: Austin Sundstrom, age 9


The only Christmas I can remember is when I was six. I got up when my brothers got up. I think it was 1:00 a.m. Later on my brothers and I had a special Christmas breckfast. Monkey bread. The monkey bread was good. My sister came to our house for Christmas. She had a puppy. Her puppy’s name was Lola. Lola was a very sleepy puppy. Lola was the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen. Later we listened to Christmas music and opened presents. It was fun and this is my Christmas story.

By: Citori Larson, age 8


I remeber my th Christmas. My familey and I decorated the Christmas tree. We put orniments and candycanes on Christmas we would open presents and have hot chocolate and treats. When we where done opening presents we played with them. The night before Christmas, my familey would go to bed at 7:30 p.m. The next moring presents? He did came? I can’t belive this, he came and he ate all the cookies and he drank all the milk? COOL??

By: Kiah Christianson, age 8


When I was five I remember seeing you and Mrs. Clause at Boyceville. When I was in my parade I sat on youre lap and told you what I wanted for christmas. When I was at the Grain Bin with my friend Nicohl you told us that the cute little reigndeers where on top of the roof eating, drinking, and getting ready to fly back to the North Pole. When I told you i believed in you, you appreciated it. When I was about four or three I remember you. I told you I wanted shoes. You gave me really pretty ones and clothes. I remember asking for a doll and when I opened my presents was a baby doll.

By: Kelly Turner, age 9


On Christmas Eve we hang our stockings and decorate the Christmas tree. We baked cookies and pour a glass of melk. We go to sleep and dream sweet dreams. We wake up in the moning and look at the tree and what do we see. We see 9 presents under the tree. Three of them are for me. There are six for my brother and my sister.

By: Chance Smith, age 9


Every Christmas I put up a tree. My grandma gives me presents every year and so does Santa Clause. I think Santa’s has magic, do you? I got stuffed animals. I loved my presents. Santa gave me lots of presents. My mom and dad give me my favorit gifts ever. I wish I could thank Santa but he was never seen before.

By: Josephine Lynn Paulus, age 9


My favorite Christmas was when I was four. I got all kinds of Star Wars stuff and football cards. Then we went outside and went sledding. My brother crashed into the tree.

By: Mason Yarrington, age 8


My favorite christmas was last year. I got a C.D. player from my stocking with a C.D. case full of C.D.s. I also got a sled. Along with lots of other stuff.

After I opened all my presents there I went to my Grandmas houes. I got a ninga cit. All of my relitives from my mom’s side were there.

A few days after I went to my other Grandmas house celebrate chrismas. I got a remote controled truck. Then I went to my other Grandma’s house but when I arrived she was dead.

By: Reese Johnson, age 9