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Days of Old – 12-24-2014

Days of Old – 12-24-2014

10 years ago
Tribune of December 8, 2004

Red Cedar Bank will soon be known as Peoples State Bank as a result of a merger with a bank located in Plainview, MN.

The City Council raised the price of doing business for tavern owners and bartenders, cigarette licenses, community hall rental and instated an impact fee on all new construction. Taxpayers in the City of Glenwood City will experience an increase of 2.6 mills on the tax statements due yet this month.

The improvement project for Tiffany Creek proposes to eliminate bank erosion, stabilize the stream’s bed, and restore fish habitat on the approximately 2400 feet of stream spread.

Bryan Mounce at Glenwood City High School has earned the designation of AP Scholar by the College Board in recognition of his exceptional achievement on the college-level Advanced Placement Program exams.

Joe Jilek, a Glenwood City resident and retired teacher and coach was honored by the Rice Lake Sports Hall of Fame for his contributions to Rice Lake High School sports and sporting activities since graduation.

25 years ago
Tribune of November 15, 1989

Jennifer McNamara, daughter of Harold and June Stack, took over proprietorship of the Country Casuals clothing store in Glenwood City last week from Lana Everts. She will keep the same line of clothing and also feature the printed line of sporting wear. A grand opening December 2 is being planned.

The Glenwood City School District took another step toward completing their ‘Education for Employment’ policy at the school board meeting Monday night. The board decided that it would begin searching for a part-time coordinator.

The National Bank of Boyceville is pleaded to announce two new employees. Ellen Cuturia has assumed the position of the bank’s bookkeeper, and Amy Hellmann will be serving as a teller.

A new addition to the Hight Insurance building in Boyceville is underway. Recently Paul Hedlund purchased the National Bank Insurance Agency and combined it with the Hight Agency.

50 years ago
Tribune of January 14, 1965

Tuesday, January 19 is the day set for the 5th birthday celebration of the elevator at Wilson. An open house with drawings, cake, coffee, barbecue beef, bun and milk, cheese and crackers, treats and door prizes a mile long are part of the celebration.

Boy Scout Troop 72, Downing, Silver Waters District, was reorganized in November under the leadership of Roger Sharp, Scoutmaster.

The local debate team did an excellent job of debating the question of international control of nuclear weapons at the Eau Claire University invitational debate tournament last Saturday.

60 years ago
Tribune of December 23, 1954

The 1954 tax levy for the City of Glenwood City has reached a new high of $68,019.98, which is an increase of $5,420.80 over the levy of last year.

The Rev. Carl Fox took over his new duties December 12 as pastor of the Methodist churches here at Emerald.

Several children have been on the ice on the swimming pool and have been warned that it is not safe. Please keep off the ice. The skating rink at the fairgrounds has already been flooded and will be ready for use just as soon as the weather man will cooperate.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
November 20, 1919

The township of Forest, north of here, is having a great year, with two new Federal trunk highways laid out, an electric light and power line, a fine new church and many new farm homes and buildings.

Our readers will be glad to learn that word has been received from Joe Von Ruden. He is still in France. This is the first word from the soldier since last July, and brings much relief to home folks.

Mr. C. W. Blom will be in Glenwood City next Monday and Tuesday  to assist veterans for applying for either cash bonuses or educational aid.