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Off the Editor’s Desk – 12-17-2014


Most of us know who the Beach Boys are, but if you are young and missed their music over the last half of a century, they are a musical group from California that was started in 1961 by the three Wilson Brothers, a cousin and a friend. They had many hits.

Paula and I accompanied Bruce and Lana Everts of Luck to a Beach Boys concert Friday evening in Hinckley, Minnesota.


Their songs and the slide show that accompanied brought back many memories of the 60s. Many of their lyrics were about surfing and fast cars. The audience was asked how many men were in love with their cars, and apparently everyone in the building responded.

Americans have a love affair with their automobiles and for me it was my 1961, 390, four barrel, dual points, solid lifters, three and the tree with overdrive, and a rag top. Its 375 horsepower was the fastest thing around. I took it to a drag strip in New Brighton, MN and it did over a hundred miles an hour in the quarter mile run in less than 14 seconds.

It was the fastest, until the 409 Chevrolets came out and that is one of the songs the Boys made famous. “She’s real fine, my 409, when I take her to the track she really shines, She always turns in the fastest time. My four-speed, dual-quad, posi-traction 409.”

That song and others sure brought back a lot of old memories, and that is what life is all about.

Speaking of memories, and that is what Christmas is all about, too. Getting together with family and friends to celebrate the birth of Christ. I am wishing you all a happy and blessed Christmas.

Thanks for reading! — Carlton