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Days of Old – 12-17-2014

Days of Old – 12-17-2014

10 years ago
Tribune of December 1, 2004

On Dec. 11 the fourth annual Boyceville Spirit of Christmas will kick off with several new community events planned. In addition to the parade, live nativity scene, and other festivities that have taken place in past years, Homes for the Holidays, a tour of Boyceville homes, will be added to the roster of main events this year.

Several rural Wilson residents have expressed concern over some of their neighbors’ exotic pets which reside at the Shawna Callahan and Jon Elsenpeter residence (Vanishing Kingdom) in Cady Township, with concern with the fences and the accident that occurred last month with Elsenpeter being bit by one of the tigers.

Ronald Braker, Tony Brandt and Shaina Braker were transported to Holy Family Hospital in New Richmond after they were injured in a two-vehicle accident that occurred Sunday, Nov. 28 at the junction of Hwy. 128 and 170th Ave. north of Glenwood City.

25 years ago
Tribune of November 8, 1989

For most voters in our district the vacant Shoemaker State Senate Seat is the main attraction of this year’s limited election palette, as the seat is left open by Richard Shoemaker’s arrest. A referendum in Wilson has also been called to determine if the 80-acre farm of Claude and Louella McGee will be allowed to detach from the village.

The Glenwood City Common Council’s Property Committee will be meeting shortly to discuss the sale of the two city-owned pieces of land.

On Saturday afternoon Nov. 4th the Glenwood City Pom Pon squad placed second out of nine class C squads in the Stout Pom Pon Clinic/competition.

50 years ago
Tribune of January 7, 1965

Fire last Wednesday night, December 30, severely damaged the home of the Clarence Greeno family here and forced a hasty evacuation. Six children were rescued from the burning home, and the fire started in the basement.

The Town of Forest tax roll is up $2,156.23 from last year. The Town of Springfield tax roll is down $783.66 from last year. The City of Glenwood City tax roll is down $179.73 from last year. The Village of Downing tax list is up $976.69 from last year.

Farmers in St. Croix county planted more than 750,000 trees under the Agricultural Conservation program in 1964. As a result about 600 acres of relatively unproductive land has been put to work raising a crop that will be needed  in the future – and one that will provide a good many benefits to the community in the meantime.

60 years ago
Tribune of December 16, 1954

Funeral services were conducted Wednesday morning for Miss Emma Elizabeth Dunnigan, who for several years was the postmistress at the Wilson postoffice.

The Tribune has been asked to again remind parents that, according to a city ordinance, curfew time is still 10 o’clock.

Wisconsin Farmers are selling milk cows at the lowest price per head in eight years, according to the Federal-State Crop Reporting Service for Wisconsin.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
November 13, 1919

The Wisconsin State Highway Commission has officially announced the new Federal-State trunk highways which are to be laid out in Wisconsin. Glenwood City is to be situated on one of these new Federal routes.

Father Walsh of St. Patrick’s church, Erin, gave us the pleasing information that the church fair held last Wednesday brought in $2,050.25.

“The Day of Days” is the way the Boyceville people are styling next Saturday, Nov. 15 and from the list of gilt-edge attractions which they announce, they are well warranted by calling it such. Among the attractions will be hogs at the Downing-Soo station, aeroplane stunts, and jazz bands.