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Glenwood City Elementary students share gifts to those in need

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY — Last Monday, 64 Glenwood City Elementary students went shopping at Walmart in order to pick up gifts for three children around the Glenwood City, Boyceville and Spring Valley area for WestCAP’s Holiday Gift program.

 This is the second year that Mrs. Standaert’s first grade class has gone shopping for a child through the Holiday program at WestCAP.

This year accompanying her class was Ms. Lewis’ kindergarten grade class and Mrs. Lenz’s second grade class.

Typically the students in the elementary buy a $5 gift for an exchange party with their peers, however, this year the students were asked if they would like to donate the money and buy for children in need and they happily agreed.

One student donated $30 of her own money and over the Thanksgiving break, she challenged her family to match her donation. She successfully raised another $150 to give to WestCAP.

On Friday, December 12, the students went to WestCAP in Glenwood City to drop off their gifts for the three families.

Each class had bags full of goodies with several dolls, toys, sleeping bags and winter clothing to give. The children were truly excited to be a part of helping a family in need.