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Days of Old – 12-10-2014

Days of Old – 12-10-2014

10 years ago
Tribune of November 24, 2004

The Glenwood City Common Council voted 4 to 1 to offer Glenwood City resident Margie Hansen the newly created fulltime maintenance/recycling/recreation and pool director position at their meeting November 16.

An addition is being made to both the east and west side of the Misty Meadows Wood Products and Logghe Trucking building on Seventh Street. The west addition will be leased to a firm called Akona, which bags wood shavings for floor cleanup. The firm is currently located in Minnesota and will employ two or three people in Glenwood City.

Former Glenwood City resident John Hansen of Blaine, MN will be in Glenwood City November 4, and is hoping to enlist local actors and film crew who will be willing to work in the harsh winter conditions in for a full length feature film titled “Deja Vu”.

John Elsenpeter was bitten repeatedly by a tiger that belongs to him and his girlfriend, Shawna Callahan on Nov. 9 while at his house located in the town of Cady.

25 years ago
Tribune of November 1, 1989

A fuel oil delivery truck, carrying regular, unleaded gasoline and fuel oil ran off highway 128 about two and a half miles north of Glenwood City Monday night and some of its contents spilled into the road ditch.

Bernie Obermueller Jr. made history with a city record of a 725 bowling series on Monday, October 23.

Boyceville School District secondary principal Robert Plaehn requested that he be reassigned to the elementary principal position vacated by Ted Bissell. The board approved the request and Plaehn will succeed Bissell when Bissell retires on June 30, 1990.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Western Wisconsin recently granted three wishes to a local youth, Eric White, 6, of Downing, who has suffered from leukemia since he was nine months old.

The Hight Insurance Agency, owned by Paul E. Hedlund, will take over all the Auto, Homeowners, Mobilehome, Cycle, Snowmobile, Bond and Commercial policies  of the Boyceville Insurance Agency.

50 years ago
Tribune of December 31, 1964

Residential, farm and commercial users of Northern States Power Co. electric service in Wisconsin have already begun to enjoy savings on their electricity usage resulting from the company’s recently announced rate reduction.

The tax roll for the Town of Emerald is this year $3996.99 higher than the total tax roll of last year. The total tax roll for the Town of Glenwood for 1965 runs very close to the total tax roll for last year, being up only $1,345.97.

The Glenwood City Community Club, the Glenwood Industrial Development Association, the Glenwood City Council and all interested people will get together at a meeting on Tuesday, January 5, 1965, at the Limberg Clinic Basement in Glenwood City. The meeting will be for the purposed Vocational School for the area covered by the counties of St. Croix, Dunn, Pierce, Pepin and Polk.

60 years ago
Tribune of December 9, 1954

Work was underway this week tearing down the old wooden overhead over the Omaha tracks on Highway 128 between Wilson and Hersey.

Reverend Carl Fox arrived here Tuesday from Mississippi to assume his new duties as pastor of the Methodist Churches at Emerald and Glenwood City, where he will deliver the first sermons this coming Sunday.

The post office department has ruled that the rate of box rental at the local post office will advance as of July 1, 1954 – the beginning of the new fiscal year.

At their annual meeting on November 30, the members of the Glenwood Herd Builders Co-op voted unanimously to dissolve and consolidate with Consolidated Breeders Cooperative.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
November 6, 1919

Agent W.H. Tallmadge has received a letter from Supt. Urbans, of the Soo Line, stating that the total estimated cost to  cover the construction of a concrete platform and brick veneered passenger depot and train order signal at Glenwood City will be $23,839.00.

The long-anticipated transformers for the twenty-four hour electric service have arrived, and all-day and night service is now about to be realized.

The marriage of Mr. Leon Swainpoel and Miss Camila Mince occurred Thursday, October 30 at St. John’s Catholic church. The bride only three weeks ago came from Belgium.

December 1958

Doris Werner found the following item. Doris’ parents, Bill and Josie Warner of Downing had received a letter from Gus and Rob Bixby of Trego, WI.

In this letter dated Dec. 1958, they stated they had just gotten a fill of fuel oil, which was 96 gallons and it cost $16.00. They also stated that it was 20 and 30 below zero every day for a while. There are a few who will remember the Bixby family. Gus and Rob were brothers of Mrs. Harvey (Edith) Warner. They lived next to the railroad tracks going into Emerald. The Roddis Depot was there at one time. Emmet and Myrtle Bixby lived in Forest. Emmet worked as a well driller. Their son Harlan Bixby graduated from Glenwood High School the same year as I did, 1939, and lives in Texas. Isn’t it strange how brining up one subject opens a door to another and that’s what keeps our minds moving and interesting. I hope someone else has a story to relate. It keeps us all connected.