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Off the Editor’s Desk – 12-3-2014

If you remember when President Obama was campaigning for president back in the fall of 2008, one the things he promoted was “Change”. He did make changes, most of which I do not like. Was he wrong, and I right? Of course not!

 Under his leadership, many things have happened, one of which is more pressure placed on me as a small business owner. He has gone through three Secretaries of Defense. Most of us do not know what his policies are. Is he or is he not for the pipeline to bring oil from Canada to the U.S.?

I think he has violated the constitution with the use of the Executive Order.

Is he bad for the country? I think so, but I also think that he believes that he is doing the right thing, and he has a lot of followers who also believe he is on the right path. I do not think that he would like to see the United States fail as a country. But he wants, I think, to have a big government that controls our daily life. He has suggested that the government take over control of the Internet.

The election in November leads me to believe that some of his support has eroded and now his must work with the new congress. And I have said it before: we need to reduce our debt.

He has promoted raising the minimum wage and I have no objection to that, but over the many years that I have watched the government getting involved with workers’ pay here is what I see: by raising the wage on minimum wage workers, it also makes those people who are slightly above minimum wage, get a raise and the ripple effect causes prices we pay for daily purchased go up, so those minimum wage workers are no farther ahead, and it increases the tax load for those people because they are making more money.

I just heard about a union that would like to represent the 1.3 million workers at Wal-mart and are asking for a $15.00 per hour minimum wage. What will that do to the price of merchandise at the 1,600 Wal-mart stores in the United States?

Over the years I have received many letters, complementing me on my column and several that hope I would shut up. I can always tell those who are liberal supports by their writing. They feel that anyone that has an opinion other than what they have, should not be heard. They try to pose financial harm on other opinions and then come the letters that call you names, but those letters are not signed.

I appreciate all of you who write me and if you would like to have that letter printed, please state so. If that be the case, please sign your letter and included a telephone number so I can call you back.

Thanks for reading! — Carlton