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Off the Editor’s Desk – 11-26-2014


Over the last year or more we have heard about the veterans administration and the time it took a veteran to see a doctor at their hospitals and even some veterans that had died because the wait time was so long. It appears from what I have heard that this is getting much better under new leadership.

 Last Thursday, Paula and I traveled to Eau Claire and one of our stops was at the Social Security Office to talk to someone about Paula’s benefits. I have visited that office several times over the past decade and found the people working there to be very friendly and helpful and they quickly took care of our business.

And, Thursday was no different. The security guard informed us how to address the computer with her number and received a ticket with a number. The office was very busy, but in short order her number was called and we approached the window and told the nice lady why we were at the Social Security Office.

She took down some information and addressed our inquiry. She quickly said that they could take care of our needs over the telephone and they would call Paula back, in eight weeks.

We left, with me scratching my head and thinking about the VA mess.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and I wonder how many of you will be looking for bargains on Black Friday. If you are one of those shoppers, good luck. I will do my shopping at my usual time, December 23rd.

Thanks for reading! — Carlton