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Off the Editor’s Desk – 11-19-2014

One of the issues during the general election two weeks ago was immigration and what to do about it. Is immigration a local issue? I do not hear much talk about it locally and we have many other items of concern to take up our time.

I am concerned about the amount of money the government is spending to accommodate these immigrates that have come into our country illegally. Sunday night, a television news program told of the millions of dollars that the state of California was spending to keep its Department of Transportation offices open to handle the rush of those illegals seeking driver’s licenses.

President Obama is proposing to grant amnesty to some 4.5 million illegal immigrant adults with U.S. born children without congressional approval. It is Congress that makes the laws and the president enforces them, not the other way around.

But splitting up families and sending the parents back to the country they came from is something I can’t support. We need to close up our borders and welcome only those who come legally.

That’s enough said on that matter and on to what’s happening locally and that is the upcoming deer hunting season. At present I am not planning to go hunting! I have not missed an opening day in the woods in the last sixty years and have always went up north to hunt to the opening weekend. But because the kids and grandkids decided to hunt locally and not go up north and because I get very cold quickly I will listen to them tell stories of the hunt. Besides it is only bucks up north and it has been a long time since I saw the really big buck in the northern woods.

Two weeks ago, Paula and I drove to our hunting area just south of Iron River and spent a couple of hours looking over the area, found very few signs of deer, saw no deer or other animals in the woods. When I was young, the deer population was very low around our area and up north herds of deer were a common sight. But now that has reversed. I wonder if we over hunted the area? Was opening the area up to take not only bucks, but does too, or have the wolves taken the deer?

It’s been several years since I saw a wolf in the woods during deer hunting season, but a couple of years ago while bird hunting that area, I came upon a sign posted by the DNR cautioning those hunters that were using dogs to beware of the wolves, as they would attack dogs.

To all hunters, have a safe and successful hunt, and if you take the big buck, stop by the newspaper office and get your picture taken.

Thanks for reading! — Carlton