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In Memoriam – All Saints Day – 10-29-2014

All Saints/Souls Day is November 1st. It is my prayer that my poem reminds you that our loved ones who are in the afterlife care about us as much as we do them. May the poem ease some of your sorrow as well as encourage and bless you.

In memory of your loved one
Written by Linda Shepard.

Every time you think of them, they’re right there with you.
Every time you shed a tear, they’re right there with you.
Every time you look towards heaven, they’re right there with you.
Every time you say their name, they’re right there with you.
They’re in the afterlife it’s true, but oh dear ones they’ve not forgotten about you.
They bid you peace and love and light.
They hold you close both morning and night.
Even though they walk the streets of gold under skies of blue,
please remember, dear ones, they’ve not forgotten you.
Their Spirit is radiant, set free at last.
Shed tears of joy and not sadness.
Oh they’re home and all is well with them.
They’re home and surrounded by God’s bright love and light.
Dazzling and beautiful their souls shine bright.
They’re blessed in ways we only see in our dreams.
They send us their love on angel’s wings.
They’re blessed and free of earthly pains and woes.
They’re radiant and glowing from their head down to their toes.
They’ll send you signs from up above.
A penny on the ground sent with love.
A feather will appear in the oddest place.
They’ve placed it there so you’d remember their face.
They’ll whisper words of life to you.
Yes they will, I promise this is true.
You’ll smell their fragrance or the aroma of their favorite brew.
They’ll even use their energy to make electrical things go askew.
When you have a glass of wine, raise a toast of thanks and gratitude
and tell them what they mean to you.
You’ll think it’s just your own thoughts coming to you,
but if you listen with your heart you’ll know the truth that
they can and will still converse with you.
Open your heart and intuition to the fact that our
loved ones never die ~ they’ve only gone on into their after life.
Because this thought will transform your life
into believing you still can communicate through time and space.
This gift from God is transmitted through love and grace.
Oh yes they transform from earthly life into the realms
where wonders never cease and anything is possible
if you believe.