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Boyceville Bits & Pieces – 10-29-2014

What beautiful weather God has blessed us with. Crops are really being taken off the fields. Tractors and machinery on the roads are going from field to field so watch for them as you drive elsewhere.

I’ve been watching the leaves and color changes from my kitchen window on Anderson Hill. Fall is upon us.

Last Saturday town was busy with the town showing their love and respect for the loss of a well-known resident, O.K. Hedlund. We attended the visitation before the service and then we had to go to Fred’s cousin’s funeral in Reeve for an afternoon service. Many relatives of the Seegers are there.

Trinity had confirmation on Sunday with 12 youth that stepped up and confirmed their faith. A church full of parents, grandparents, godparents and family members there. What a blessing to have so many show their support.

Watch for the upcoming church suppers and fall festivals.

On Tuesday we visited Gerene and Sue Shaw because we didn’t make it to their 50th anniversary. We had a very nice visit.

On Monday night eight of us chattering chicks met at Anita Brooks’ on Sunday. A few went to Clear Lake to their fall play, which was very good as always.

Well now we are getting ready for Halloween. So on that night watch for our little goblins. It’s their night for fun. God Bless. Boo.

Now we are going to fall back on our time. In a way I wish they would leave our time alone.

Call me with your news.

God Bless,