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Days of Old – 10-22-2014

Days of Old – 10-22-2014

10 years ago
Tribune of October 6, 2004

A tractor owned by Joe Draxler suffered a mechanical failure last Wednesday afternoon while heading west on Oak Street in Glenwood City. The accident occurred just before 1 p.m. and was cleared in half an hour.

JumpStart is a car purchase program that works out of Idea Auto in Glenwood City. On average, Jump start clients reduce their reliance  on public assistance by $312 per month.

Glen Lake, south of Glenwood City, is one of several lakes that will get state money for improvements for recreational boating.

25 years ago
Tribune of September 13, 1989

Danille Nelson was named the new Miss Glenwood City as part of the annual Rustic Lore celebration. Jeanne Mortell was named First Princess, Stephanie Bender was named Second Princess, and Shelly Kostman was chosen as Miss Congeniality.

Groundbreaking ceremonies for Tiffany Creek Elementary School took place in Boyceville on Monday.

Continental Network Group International Inc. announces the formal opening and open house of its corporate offices at 3230 Highway 170, Glenwood City, Wisconsin on September 15.

New teachers at Glenwood City are Kris Kielmeyer (speech therapist), Ron Imdieke (5th grade) and Lorna Tiberg (3rd grade).

Mr. Bruce Harris is still teaching in our Junior/Senior High School after thirty years. He is teaching science and math and is also the audio visual person.

50 years ago
Tribune of November 12, 1964

The Glen Theatre is now operating under the management of William (Bill) Lofthus who has leased the theater from Richard P. Rivard.

Carver Johnston’s Drive-In Seed Store was in the making Monday morning when a car crashed through the front window of the store, smashing the big glass and breaking up the brick work around the glass. No one was injured.

This issue of the Tribune is going into over 4,100 homes. Glenwood City merchants invite you to look over their large stocks of merchandise.

60 years ago
Tribune of October 21, 1954

The Knapp Creamery Co., in an effort to do its bit toward the encouragement of the use of dairy products, will this Friday give away free milk in Glenwood City.

Wayne Hughes, Knapp, won a $200 special achievement award at the 27th annual national FFA convention at Kansas City., Mo., last Wednesday. Hughes was runner-up in the electrification category.

The TV referendum question, which will appear on the ballot on November 2, has been widely discussed. The idea of state ownership and operation of a non-commercial network of television station appears like a priceless boon to the educational program to many persons, and an expensive and dangerous adventure in collectivism to others.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
September 18, 1919

Work is well underway on the new temple which the 49-50 L.D. club is erecting in Clark’s Addition to the City of Glenwood. It is being built on the corner of Clark’s Addition to the City of Glenwood.

The Tenth Annual Glenwood Inter-County Fair last week was beyond doubt the most successful of the ten so far held in point of attendance, enthusiasm and exhibits.

M. J. Garkse has purchased of the Apple River Milling Co. their mill and elevator business here. He intends to proceed at once with the construction of the new mill, and house to have it ready within six weeks or two months.

40 years ago
Boyceville Press Reporter
October 24, 1974

A banquet was held at Trinity Lutheran Church last Friday night to celebrate the fire department’s 25th anniversary, with active and honorary fireman of the department attending.

Just as silently as it was borrowed, the American flag was replaced. The flag disappeared during Homecoming weekend and it was distressing not only to the Wisemillers but to the community. We, too, are very pleased to learn that the flag is again flying.

Bill Mitch, one of the aces of the Hilltoppers, was hit hard in the third quarter and when he failed to respond, it was decided to take him to Luther Hospital as he had possible neck and head injuries. We are very please to report that this young man was not seriously injured.