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Off the Editor’s Desk – 10-15-2014

Over the past year or so, I have been inundated with negative material about the ills of the Affordable Health Care Act, called Obama Care. Recently I got a list of items that could, or will affect my family and me, as we get older.

I tried to find out if any of those things on the list were true and looking at the internet to find an answer was almost impossible. There is so much about the law that I can’t tell what is the truth or what is false.

I do know that Nancy Pelosi, with Harry Reid at her side didn’t want us to know what was in the law until it was passed. “We have to pass the bill so that we can see what’s in it,” she stated.

Another thing I know is members of Congress are exempt from the law, just like they are from Social Security. They have their own, well-funded, plan. Funded with taxpayers money.

A couple of items on the scare list included something bad is going to happen with your cancer care after you reach age 76 and the government will have real-time access to your bank account. But just a note, the government already has access to your accounts. Just do not pay your taxes, and see how fast the government raids your bank account.

Recently a Judge White of Oklahoma ruled that the IRS rule governing the state health exchanges was not in accordance with law.

According to Robert Romano, the senior editor of Americans for Limited Government, “At issue is that the health care law only ever authorized subsidies to private insurers be paid through the state exchanges, not the federal ones. By not setting up state exchanges as 36 states have not done (Wisconsin included), a key aspect of the law – some $800 billion a year of subsidies — may be implemented is very much in question.”

Now, where is the $800 billion annually going to come from? The bill is loaded with fees, fines, forfeitures, high premiums and taxes to support the spending. I am told that taxes under this bill can’t be called taxes!

The goose that lays the golden egg died a long time ago, and how can we as a nation pay this high cost when we are already nearly eighteen trillion in debt. At the rate the Obama Administration is spending money, that figure will reach $20 trillion by the time he leaves office. What does that amount look like on paper? Take $18 and add a dozen zeros. And by the way, that last word is what I think we have leading our country.

Thanks for reading! — Carlton