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Boyceville Bits and Pieces – 10-1-2014

Now, after a day of 80 degrees, and it’s now only 60 degrees, what a difference! My leaves are really leaving the beautiful maple in my front yard.

I want to thank the news I got about the Pickle Fest in past years. Keeps my window posters new and up. Thanks, Janet.

Audrey Kuhn donated the news on Granger school. She got a book of the history of the school at an auction. Thanks, Audrey.

On Sunday little Bailey Rosemarie Bitter was brought and baptized at Trinity.

On Saturday the United Methodist Church saw its first wedding at its new location. Karen and Larry Smith’s daughter Lori got married. God Bless.

Now the Hearts and Hands Quilt guild will be having their monthly meeting at the new United Methodist Church. All quilters are welcome and the group meets every first Monday of the month.

Please remember where you go and who comes to see you.

Kathy Hanson and her son Dale met three of her sisters at the Warren Cranberry Festival on Saturday. They were gone from Friday to Saturday night.

The “van” last week that Ruby and Ted Litzkow took to Pine Ridge was a U-Haul truck. Thanks to them for taking this to our missions at Pine Ridge.

Also last week I made a mistake on Karen and Becky taking their mother out for dinner for her birthday. Sorry. Keep informing me of any mistakes, in names or spelling, I need you all to help.

Call me with anything.

God Bless,