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Boyceville Bits and Pieces – 9-24-2014

Boyceville Bits and Pieces – 9-24-2014

Good morning, it’s Monday, the week sure goes fast. I remember when as  kid I used to wait for something. Now its upon me before I know it. It’s a sign that I’m getting older.

 On Monday the Chattering Chicks Homemakers met for the first time for the winter at Doris Drinkman’s. All eight of us were there. We sort of plan the year’s activities. We give to the people that burn out or have bad luck. Let us know if you know someone we could help.

Not ready for the cold mornings yet. The yellow and green in the ditch, it’s very impressive what the Lord does.  The daisies too have a touch of frost, so has the maple tree in my yard. You can see the change. Also, frost has touched the corn, a lot of them this year.

Reading this paper, the churches are having their Autumn suppers. Watch when your churches and clubs have their dinners, and help them with their causes. I attended the supper at Trinity on Wednesday night. The mashed potatoes, meat loaf, and rest of the dinner was great.

Fred has been hauling shale to the hill. It’s been washed out.

At church today we wished Bill and Eloise Knutson’s Happy Anniversary, they have been married for 62 years. God Bless, and what an honor! We also wished Beth and Chris Novotney a happy 23rd anniversary, you’re on your way to more blessed years together. What a blessing!

On Saturday night, Dewayne and Judy Seeger visited here to see how Fred’s doing. They returned from Alaska.

Jack Warren Nelson, infant son of Melissa and Curt Nelson, was brought to be baptized at Trinity. Another blessing.

I heard today that Fred’s cousin Wayne Larson from Reeve has advanced lung cancer. Keep him in your prayers.

On Thursday Dee Brezina’s daughters Kim and Becky helped Dee celebrate her birthday at supper in Eau Claire.

Theodore and Ruby Litzkow took a hand full of donations of everyday items to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The youth travel there to help them. We also took a free will offering to help the community of Wanblee, South Dakota on mission work activities. God Bless.

Saturday night the Annual Lions’ Sportsman Banquet was held at the Fire Station. A large crowd was there.

Took a drive this afternoon looking at the introduction of the fall colors. Lots of leaves and signs of fall. When we came home Darcy surprised us with a visit. God Bless family.

Bits and Pieces has grown, thanks to you for your information. Keep it up!

God Bless and call Sharon at 715-643-9121