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Boyceville Bits and Pieces – 9-17-2014

A lot of people stopped to look at the pictures that are hanging in the windows in town for the 100 year celebration. Thanks to Joe Pieters for those pictures.

Boyceville was very active this weekend with the school 100 Centennial and homecoming. What a good turnout! People from classes from 50+ years were treated royally. Then winning the game. The band looked good, and with the Jr. and Sr. bands together, they looked very impressive.

Later on that evening there was a tractor pull. Then on Sunday dinner was served to help the Good Harvest ministry. After celebrating the last weekend (Sept. 5-8), I was pretty tired. The girls and their families were here to celebrate Dawn’s husband Murphy’s and Dawn’s birthday and then mine, so it was busy. God Bless family.

The moving of the United Methodist Church to the new church on Highway 170 took place yesterday. A bitter heartfelt move but yet they are looking forward to new steps. God Bless your move and your new place of worship.

On Saturday when I came home from work Fred’s brother Ted and his son Art and his wife was here visiting with Fred.

What do you think of those Packers on Sunday? Darcy made the trip there. Glad it was a good show for her to see.

Well come on people, I know there were a lot of people visiting move the weekend!

God Bless, Sharon