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Boyceville Bits and Pieces – 8-27-2014

Boyceville Bits and Pieces – 8-27-2014

Sorry if you have been trying to get me on our land line, but trying to keep Fred in check.

We went to a cell phone. My number is 715-308-9121, so call me with your whereabouts.

On Saturday night I attended  the play at the school, “Snow White, A Very Pale Fairy Tale.” The youth took their summer practicing for this play. There are over 30 youths. Red Cedar Youth Stage works with the kids. No matter what I write, it won’t do it justice! The parents of the youth also attended to see their kids perform. Watch for our own school activities, too.

Arlys Kahler (nee Evenson) stopped for a visit. When I was first married Arlys and Janet were the two girls that visited back and forth.

Our crops seem to be looking up, thanks to the rain. What a light storm last night, my rain gauge is overfilled! I really worry about the whistle after dark. I like to see what’s coming. We’ve been lucky with no bad storms.

On Wednesday we traveled to Durand to see my sister Mary. She just brought their daughter to say ‘hi.’ She too has moved back here from down South.

Watching the news – the quake in Napa, California. That is where Fred’s uncle Dave Closs’s family still keeps the family bakery going, and the winery. Hopefully everything is ok.

Keep our friends in your prayers. We all know people who are suffering from cancer and other sicknesses. They need your prayers.

God Bless,