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Off the Editor’s Desk – 8-27-2014

What a difference a few people can make in our small communities. I am amazed at what can get done when just a few people, and all volunteers, put their minds to work and get things done.

This year a few people put together a great anniversary celebration in Colfax and the Festival in Boyceville and a small group of people are putting together the annual Rustic Lore event for Glenwood City, which is scheduled for the weekend following Labor Day.

I have watched over the past several years how volunteers have come together for the benefit of the St. Croix County Fair in Glenwood City. They have organized and put together not only the fair, but also the annual Rodeo. With their efforts, we have seen the local fairgrounds grow with new buildings and facilities that have made a big improvement to the event.

That same group also is responsible for the annual May Fair event fundraiser for the fair.

And, this past Saturday a group of volunteers put together a fundraiser for the benefit of Amy Kahler. The event was staged at the Glenwood City Fire Station and I was very pleased to see such a large turn out of people for the event. It made me feel proud to see what could be done to help someone else.

Volunteers will do more work and have more fun, not because they have too, but because they want too.

Too, all those people who have volunteered to help out in some way in your community, you have my thanks, and keep up the good work!

Thanks for reading! — Carlton