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Days of Old – 8-20-2014

Days of Old – 8-20-2014

10 years ago
Tribune of August 4, 2004

Oak Street re-opened  for traffic and shoppers in Glenwood City last Friday. Work still needs to be completed on the street lighting and new sidewalks on West Oak Street.

Three generations of the Nadeau family will play host of the 23rd annual St. Croix County Farm-City Day on Saturday, August 14. The Nadeaus will open up their rural Glenwood City farm to thousands of people on that day.

U.S. Senator Russ Feingold has announced that the Glenwood City Fire Department received a 2004 Assistance to Firefighters Grant of $67,365.

25 years ago
Tribune of June 21, 1989

This edition of the Tribune Press Reporter marks the second century of the continuous publication and service to the area.

Glenwood City School Board President Ed James cast the deciding vote that led to the school board approving a proposed budget that would include no tax levy increase.

The common council Monday night voted to ask the Wisconsin Public Service Commission for a rate increase  in the water rates for city users.

50 years ago
Tribune of September 10, 1964

Repair work started last week on the City’s 66,000 gallon water tank on the hill. Part of the job consists of pouring two new concrete footings to replace the 50 year old footings that were badly crumbled.

The Common Council of the City of Glenwood warned that all owners of property in the City that if they intend to build or remodel they must have a building permit.

County Agent E. E. Anderson stated that the county is “interested in holding two pasture renovation demonstrations within the Glen Hills Watershed area on September 24 and 25. Would like to hold one in the northern area and the other south of Glenwood City,”

60 years ago
Tribune of August 19, 1954

A wind storm, accompanied by heavy rains, descended suddenly upon this area Sunday evening doing an unestimated amount of damage to farm buildings, standing crops, trees and knocked out electric power and telephone service. As of Tuesday evening a total of 113 claims had been filed with Glenwood City Insurance men with damages resulting from the storm.

Wisconsin’s Brucellosis program has completed its third year of expanded operations and the disease has been given another setback.

Seven new teachers are joining the staff at the Glenwood City and Emerald schools this year.

95 years ago
The Glenwood Tribune
July 17, 1919

Three parcels of land owned by the county asylum in the town of Forest, consisting of 250 acres in all, were sold to Henry Traiser of New Richmond, to a profit of $12.50 per acre.

The Glenwood City Public Schools will reopen Monday, Sept. 1, and there will be ushered in at that time what promises to be the most successful school year in Glenwood City’s history. A new course in agriculture has been added to the curriculum, which is expected to draw many farmer boys to the high school.

40 years ago
Boyceville Press Reporter
August 22, 1974

Five girls are vying for the Miss Boyceville title: Patty Ann Hellendrung, Traci Jean Sutliff, Marsha Lee Robinson, Wendy Sue Hiben,  and Sherril Evenson.

Mr. and Mrs. Herb Miller have sold their store in Connorsville to Mr. Wallace Rivard, formerly of Star Prairie, who has taken over the business as of this week.

Paul Blicher, veteran trucker, told us recently that back in 1934 he bought a big boar pig from Gust Krueger for $5.00. In August 1973, he hauled a similar boar pig to South St. Paul and the farmer received $342.00