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Boyceville graduate becomes YouTube sensation

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE – After walking across the stage to receive her high school diploma in 2011, Madilyn Wold aka Madilyn Bailey has become a bit of a YouTube sensation with over 1 million subscribers and more than 200 million video views.

Maddy’s music career “changed her life” as she said, after she posted a rendition of Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia.

Since posting the video in June of 2012, it has reached nearly 40 million views. That figure alone skyrocketed Maddy’s name to the top as she is the first name to appear when “Titanium cover” is searched.

Maddy’s journey started while she was still a student, living at home making YouTube videos out of her room.

Her music career in general began nearly at day one. Maddy remembers being about seven years old when she wrote her first song with the help of her dad, but she was singing long before.

Over the years, Maddy watched her father play guitar, which she picked up and then she took piano lessons and eventually played the drums in the high school marching band.

Maddy can be seen in her videos playing the piano, guitar and more recently the ukulele.

Maddy gained a following on YouTube, which in December of 2011 led her to meet a producer/musician named Jake, who asked Maddy to record a Christmas video.

Six months later she agreed to sign with his record label. This began a two year deal with him. Three months following that she struck gold with Titanium.

At the time, Maddy was still working as a CNA at an adult family home in Menomonie, but once the video took off on YouTube and then iTunes, she was able to quit her job and dive into music full time.

For about a year, Maddy traveled to L.A. every other month and she would create videos in bulk while at Jake’s label in order to make the most out of her trips.

Almost two years into her deal with Jake, Maddy was presented with the opportunity of touring in 2013. She jumped on the chance and spent the entire month of October touring North America with Boyce Avenue, a group that started out on YouTube as well.

Her music has also brought her across the world. Maddy has played shows in London, Singapore and her favorite so far, Malaysia.

Aside from YouTube, Maddy’s label was also putting her songs on iTunes, which is a better money maker from an artist stand point due to all the advertising on YouTube.

“Madilyn Bailey” is currently listed on the top 20 in the Singer/Songwriter Chart on iTunes.

In March of last year her deal with Jake ended so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She along with her manager/father, Greg, made trips to L.A. and found studios with different crews to record videos. Maddy said that she is still searching to find the right fit of people.

In terms of a label, her goal would be to one day sign to a studio like Sony. But she isn’t going to sign a deal unless it is a perfect fit with her style of performance.

As for the moment, Maddy is trying to post a video every two weeks, but her main focus is on the wedding she will be a bride for on August 22.

Maddy met Jimmy back in 2012 and he proposed to her on Valentine’s day of this year.

The two met through a mutual friend in Menomonie while Jimmy was home from college.

Once the wedding is over, she will dive back into the new album she is currently writing and producing. The production happens in L.A. and she hopes to have it hit iTunes in the spring.

Maddy is the daughter of Greg and Heidi Wold and she has five siblings; Jordan, Alex, Isaac, Haley and Caden. [/emember_protected ]