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Off the Editor’s Desk – 7-30-2014

I received e-mail from Mark Flottum about this column of July 16th. Mark writes, “you mentioned the Schreiner’s but didn’t know her name, I think it was Sara or Sarah. She was my babysitter on occasions. The things one remembers in a small town. Hope all is well with you and your family.” Thanks, Mark.

Another item that I caught sight of in Downing last week was a couple of bumper stickers on a single vehicle. On the left side was about Impeachment while on the right side was a sticker that stated, “Dr. Ben Carson for President”. I had completely forgotten about Carson as a candidate for president.

Back on July 9th I wrote about Elizabeth Warren, the liberal senator from Massachusetts as a presidential candidate if Hillary Clinton does not make the grade for the Democrats.

A 2016 run between Warren and Carson for president would give voters a big choice between two views of what the federal government should be.

According to Wikipedia, Carson’s rise in the conservative movement have inspired a movement to draft Carson for a presidential run for the Republican nomination, employing the phrase “Run, Ben Run”. At the end of June, the Draft Committee reported that it had raised over $7 million from 91,000 donors.

Thanks for reading. — Carlton